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Descriptions of each of the Lone Wolf books, with current availability information

The Darklords in a nutshell: a Microsoft Excel sheet with condensed information about each Darklord

The Lords of Darkness: Zantaz the Drakkarim God, Shamath the Demoness, Avarvae the Tormentress, Tzorg of the Plain of the Damned, the Kunae, Nza'pok the Lord of the Flies, Kekataag the Avenger, Huan'zhor and Vaxagore the Dragonlords, and other inhabitants of the Plane of Darkness

Other villains of Lone Wolf: Archdruid Cadak, Wolf's Bane, Imperial Autarch Sejanoz, Baron Sadanzo, Lord Vandyan of Eldenora, Xaol the Necromancer, the Chaos-Master, Vonotar the Traitor

Frequently Asked Questions about the Darklords

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