Welcome to the Darklands...

Before you the awe-inspiring darkness of the Black City spreads out. Giaks and other Darkland spawn pass by you in a never-ending line, and you note a few places of interest. Occasionally a Darklord flies in from his Zlanbeast, alighting at the distant Tower of the Damned, and you wonder if they are in the midst of a convocation of some sort.

7/4: A little summer cleaning...

6/7: The Nadir of Magnamund's Struggle Against the Darklands. A pictorial presentation showing one of the worst parts of the freeland struggle during the last Darkland war led by Darklord Gnaag. Let the picture load-it's pretty large.

5/16: New pictures of the Darklords in relevant entries and in the gallery

The Nengud-kor-Adez: Lake of Blood. Here, read about this site.
The Imperial Sector. An introduction to the encyclopedia.
The Tower of the Damned. A receptacle of information about the Masters of Darkness.
Alliances. The Wytches, leaders of the Darklords' powerful ally.
Bridge to Naaros. The history of Agarash the Damned.
The Nadziranim Laboratory. Read the entire encyclopedia in two formats.

The Tome of Darkness. Read about the Lords of Darkness.

The Gates of Helgedad. Follow this link to reach other places of interest.
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Whether or not you're just starting Lone Wolf or you've been at it for decades, Julian Egelstaff's site is the best and most extensive web site dedicated to Lone Wolf. A must see: The Kai Monastery

Another very notable site: Desert Lynx's Oasis

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