Mother Magri

Seer of the Kazim Stone, Law Giver to the city of Suhn, Truthsayer of Shadaki in the service of the Wytch-king, Shasarak

Mother Magri of Suhn Appears in: Grey Star the Wizard, War of the Wizards The Port of Suhn is ruled by a particularly powerful Shadakine Wytch. Mother Magri holds sway over the Citadel of Suhn and the entire city itself. When the Shianti master Grey Star was captured and sent to the Citadel for the Truthsay, he resisted the Kazim truthsay and extinguished the stone's light. Mother Magri ordered him imprisoned, intending for him to be tortured later on in her Darkling Room. Later, one of Magri's apprentices, a girl named Tanith, set Grey Star free. Together with the merchant Shan Li they fled from Suhn. Mother Magri in return sent a Kleasa, or Soul Eater, to kill Grey Star. Tanith at the last moment set the Kleasa's fury upon herself and was captured by Shasarak's forces. The Kleasa was later released by Grey Star from the evil Wytch King's clutches, and in doing so Tanith was freed. Later after Grey Star returned from the Daziarn with the Moonstone Mother Magri sought out Tanith and found her. Because of the danger of revealing that Grey Star had returned to Magnamund, Tanith was drawn back to Suhn and punished. She was liberated when one of the Kazim, set free from the Forest of Fernmost, came to Suhn guided by its heart, and slew Mother Magri. Mother Magri was the sister of Mother Chowloon of Andui. The Port of Suhn is the most important Shadakine port, being the closest to the Sea of Dreams and the fabled Isle of Lorn. It is one of the most vital Shadakine cities as well, for there much of the trade occurs.

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