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The William Loughborough Interview

William Loughborough was listed in the credits of THX-1138 as Will B. Love. He provided the voice for one of the robot officers who tortured THX. On 5 March 1998 he was kind enough to grant me this interview via e-mail. This interview was conducted personally by me, Jedi Evita, and is only available on this site. Please do not reproduce any part of it without permission. If you want permission, write to me and ask. Thank you very much... enjoy!

The Interview

Jedi Evita: What exactly was your role in THX?
William Loughborough: I (with Henry Jacobs) did a couple minutes of voice-overs during the scene where one of the actors was being "conditioned" with a sort of cattle prod.

JE:: How did you get the part?
WL:: I was the director/manager of an improvisational theater company in S.F. called "The Committee" and several of the actors did voices and I think a couple had small parts. Coppola was an occasional audience at our theater and like that.

JE:: What was a "typical" day on the set like? Did anything
WL:: I never saw "the set" and only did about a half hour stint in a recording studio at Zoetrope.

JE:: As far as the other actors and crew members, were there any people working on the film that you remember especially well? Were Lucas and Coppola easy to work for?
WL:: They were both laid back, intelligent and knew exactly how to use what we did. Walter Murch was the sound guru and he expressed pleasure beyond satisfaction.

JE:: Do you consider THX to have helped your career at all?
WL:: It really had nothing to do with my "career" as I am basically a scientist/engineer, not an actor. My directing began and ended with The Committee which was largely a political activist vehicle as far as I was concerned and when we played our part in ending the Vietnam thing and raising consciousness levels about such things as the absurdity of laws against marijuana I went back into medical research.

JE:: Have you ever seen the film? If so, is it something you are proud to have been a part of?
WL:: I've seen it three times and was proud of how well what we did fit with what they did. I enjoyed the entire experience.

JE:: It's been a long time since 1971... how has your career progressed since then?
WL:: It's not so long a time to a person born in 1926 . I have made several "inventions" that are used by blind people for access to the environment, in particular the system at and a few other aids.

Thanks to William Loughborough for contacting me and making this possible! Thanks also to all of the visitors to this page for keeping me going long enough to attract people involved with the film!

--Jedi Evita

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