George Lucas' First Feature Film

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EXCLUSIVE! Interview with William Loughborough, who provided the voice for one of the robot officers in the film!

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Behind the scenes pictures... actors having their heads shaved for the movie! SEE IT to believe it!


First to clear up some common misconceptions: THX 1138 is NOT a stereo system, nor is it a movie theater or a company. It is a movie. If you haven't heard of it, I'm not surprised, because it was never very popular. It didn't even make it's money back for the first theatrical release, although it did when rereleased after Star Wars' success, and it is rare to find a store that carries it. If you really want it, Blockbuster Video will special order it, which is relatively inexpensive, and I highly recommend it.

THX 1138 Facts

So what exactly is this movie ABOUT, anyway?

THX 1138 is set in the 25th century. The title character is only one of thousands of nameless, faceless workers in the huge underground colony. He works a shift in a robot factory and then goes home to his roommate, LUH 3417, to take the government-controlled sedatives and watch midlessly violent hologram programs. LUH, however, has somehow seen through the clean, peaceful exterior, and knows what their society really is. She switches THX's usual sedatives for stimulants, and they begin to fall in love and engage in illegal sexual activity. Meanwhile, SEN 5241 has a plan of his own to switch the computed roommate matching system so that he ends up roommate to THX and LUH is conveniently cast aside. Tampering with the computer system is as illegal as having sex, and all three are eventually turned in and found guilty for their crimes. THX is taked to a seemingly endless white holding place and conditioned by the very law-enforcement robots he had helped to build. Eventually, he meets up with SEN and several other outcasts who constantly plot getting out, but are too frightened to actually try anything. THX and SEN are fed up with this and head for escape on their own. On the way, they meet up with a "hologram", one of the black actors who served on the holographic television. He helps them to escape, and they realize that the exit was never far away and that it was only their own fear keeping them in the holding area. As they escape, SEN is frightened by the prospet of living away from the controlled environment and rushes back, choosing safety and predictability over freedom. THX and the hologram push on toward the outside. They steal two abandoned cars and race for the exit, pursued by the robots the whole time. The hologram's car crashes, leaving THX alone. What follows is a desperate chase with a uniquely modern ending. To find out what happened to THX and LUH and how it all ends up, you'll have to see the movie. I'm not in the habit of giving away endings!

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