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I am going to try a new format soon. Right now it is a mess and I know. I would like suggestions on how to make it better. Thanks. .

I am a Star Wars fan and will be continuesly updating my page!

I will plan on posting pic's that I think good enough and etc... But my time is limited and I am a very busy person at the moment...

I plan on making this better but it will take a while! Thank you! Ok, this page is now offically under contruction, again...

Give me your input! (as soon as I have time) I will also add a few others. : )

I love input! Sign my guestbook and give me your opinion of everything! I now have ICQ my UIN is 3732440.

Thanks! Check out all my other branchs off this page. Thanks. Soon to come a Star Wars Humor page!!!

The are the th person to enter this page since 2-24-97 You really should sign my guestbook! If I am slow to reply it is because of my work and school.

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Please send me your opinion on how my page is coming along! Thank you!


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You have actually come all the way to the bottom. Thank you. I chat at WBS in the private room Falcs_place If you are a Star Wars fan, come and look me up. I do not claim making most of the pics on this page. I have searched the web for them and I thank the creaters of Star Wars and of the pics. Thanks! Updated as of 2-10-98