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Seems like everybody's page needs a theme, besides just handing out trephines and spoons. Based on the various ways I've wasted time over the years, I guess my theme would have to be world building, particularly computer-assisted world building. It's either that or being a dilettante, and you don't need MY help for that.

This site is very much under construction, and will be for a long time. If the organization or content is lacking, check back in a few weeks and watch it change from a big bag'o'links to a big bag'o'links with value added. If there's anything you really want to hear more about, or if you've got something good you want to share with me, drop me a line. If you think this site's really lame, bother somebody else.

7 October 2002:This seems like a really stupid idea. I like it!

Official NaNoWriMo 2002 Participant

31 January 2002:Gosh, it's been a long time since I've done any site maintenance! It looks like a fair amount of bit rot has set in as sites disappear or move. Well, while you wait for me to fix links, check out Narbonic, a web comic about mad science. It's totally monkey sugar.

10 January 2000:It's come to my attention that Geocities has trouble serving up Java source files. I have several source files that I link to, but they all come up as "Document contains no data". If I rename them as HTML files they work fine (but of course without page breaks). I've sent a complaint to Geocities about the bug; if it doesn't get fixed I'll convert my .java files to .html with PRE tags.

I'm also not real happy about this new Yahoo/Geocities window that pops up on the right side of the browser window, mainly because it blots out some of my text unless it's minimized. Not sure how to fix that without moving my site, but I'll see what I can do.

8 February 1999, The Great Link Harvest: Corrected and/or removed many dead links. Still in progress; have gotten as far as 'games and game programming', but have not yet scanned that section.

Status as of 8 June 1998: Uploaded my Java port of Torben Mogensen's planet generator.

Status as of 18 January 1998: Uploaded the alpha version of my solar system generator applet. You can create solar systems using scientific methods (outdated, but better than rolling dice), and the resulting systems are displayed in all their graphic glory. Hope you like it!

Status as of 17 September 1997: Modified the wavelet synthesis applet based on some examinations of actual DEM data. The results look a little better now.

Status as of 11 June 1997: Added a wavelet synthesis applet based on The UBC Imager Wavelet Library.

Status as of 9 June 1997: Added a noise synthesis applet based on code by Perlin and Musgrave.

Status as of 2 June 1997: Man, it is easy to get sidetracked :(. While you're waiting for me to generate some new content, check this out!

Status as of 27 March 1997: Some minor changes, plus three new terrain generation examples (faulting, frequency/spectral synthesis, and offset-squares subdivision.

Status as of 18 March 1997: Still busy, but I've had the time to put together a useless and silly applet.

Status as of 24 February 1997: Well, things have been busy. I've made a few minor updates to these pages (some new links, etc.), but most of my work for these pages has been off-line. I'm putting together some classes for modeling behavior, starting with some basic fuzzy logic and action-selection stuff a la Hamsterdam. I've also been porting the public domain RSYNTH speech synthesizer to Java, just for kicks. Between all that coding, and my real work on the CFOR component of STOW, there's barely enough time to watch Babylon 5 and MST3K.

Got a world-building page of your own? Tell me about it; we can start our own world-building web ring.

Building new worlds

This is where it all starts -- building a planet. Well, actually it starts at a much higher level than that, and some of these links address that (galaxies, clusters, etc.), but my main focus is at the solar system level and below.

My solar system generator, based on Starform and Accrete, will run right from a web page. Source code is available for anyone who may be interested.

Star Generator (build planets and aliens)
The Wholesale Planet Warehouse
Accrete (several implementations, including Java executable)
'Interactions of an accretion disk with a protoplanetary companion', which as the author himself will tell you, is just the coolest thing.
StarForm at Irony Games (tabular output on web page)
USML Archives, now at GeoCities
Alien Planet Designer
Maps - World building and terrain
World Builders
Logicrucible - RPG-oriented commercial simulators
World Building for RPG gamers
N-Body motion simulation (in Java)

Information about old worlds

Maybe you don't want to build a new world -- use an old world instead. These links point you to some sites where you can find star catalogues, NASA maps of other planets and moons, and a lot of real astrophysics.

3-D Star Maps
Planetary Maps
Other Solar Systems
ICARUS, International Journal of Solar System Exploration


There are a lot of reasons to build terrain. Maybe you want maps of your world, maybe you want a graphical background for a game, or maybe you just want to look at some pretty mountains. The links below should give you some ideas on how to do it, or you can check my terrain synthesis pages for more. These links are just those that I haven't found an appropriate niche for within the terrain pages -- more links are available down below.

Ken Musgrave's musings on terrain
Map Projection Basics Page
Mapping programs -- terrain, star systems, populations, ...

Natural Phenomena

Actually, there are a boatload of natural phenomena you could model, but these links are mainly related to weather and water -- the stuff that interacts with the terrain to make places for life.

Paul Bourke's modelling page
NASA/GSFC Lab for Hydrospheric Processes
Fractal Clouds Info


Once you have some land and a climate, you need an ecosystem. So far the only links here talk about the appearance of individual members of species -- more to come in the future.

Visual Models of Morphogenesis
LPARSER - an L-System parser

Populations and Economics

This section will be vastly expanded, once I've had a chance to get my thoughts in better order. Basically, once you have the supporting ecosystem of animals and plants, it's time to put your people in place.

"The Division of Territory in Society" - a net book
Mapping programs -- some of these implement formulas from the netbook above


Although it isn't trivial to calculate some characteristics of masses of people, it's even more difficult to try to build those characteristics from interacting individuals. Of course, individuals are more interesting. There are a whole lot of ideas for how to model people and decision-making; maybe you'll find something you like on the buffet. FAQ* FAQs (CMU has _lots_ of good stuff!)
AI Internet Resource List
'Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach', an intelligent agent textbook
The Symbolic Theory of Game Design
References and Papers on Interactive Fiction
JESS, a Java reimplementation of CLIPS
CLIPS: A Tool for Building Expert Systems
Fuzzy Sets, Fuzzy Controllers, and Neural networks (compressed PostScript) - a great overview!
Virtual Actors (Michael B. Johnson's thesis)
Steve Woodcock's Game AI page
Soar/IFOR Documentation
Soar Software Archive
Excalibur - research into constraint-based agents in games
Natural Language - Eric Brill's home page
Natural Language - dictionaries
AI and Future Tech (mostly links)
Diplomacy Programming Project
Project Mentifex
What's an Agent?
'Interactive Characters'; it looks like Mike Power's page at Petroglyph is gone and the domain name sold off.
Autonomous Agents - Bruce M. Blumberg
UMBC AgentWeb
Genetic Programming
Genetic Programming - John Koza's Home Page
The Cognition and Affect Project
Ian Wright, one person on the Cognition and Affect project
Jason Hutchen's research page; he's a regular contestant for the Loebner Prize
Servile Software - AI Software, mainly Natural Language
A-Life papers - Filippo Menczer
Boids (Flocks, Herds, and Schools: a Distributed Behavioral Model)
Craig Reynold's collection of links concerning characters and improvisation.
Simulated Fish - Xiaoyuan Tu's home page
Center for LifeLong Learning and Design at the University of Colorado, Boulder
Logics and Algebras
Another media lab guy - David Maulsby
Programming a Bolo Robot to Recognize Actions By Example
Spatio-Temporal Modeling Page
The Psychohistory Project
The XTAG Project
BB1: The Blackboard Control Architecture
AI and Agent software - YilSoft Home Page

Games and game programming

The Programmer's Booklist
Robot Battle Homepage
Project Production Page
The Weirdo's Programming Achievments
3D Graphic Engines
Interstellar Strategy Game
Game Developer Magazine
Game Programming links
Smart unit navigation
3D Engines List
ALE Homepage
Suzerainty PBM Web Page
DJGPP2 Games resources
That Tile Stuff You Were Looking For
Dr. Dobb's Web Site
Demoscene code
SQRT(-1) Coding page

Reciprocal links

I just wanted to recognize these people who have had the astonishing good taste to link to my pages. ;) A search of AltaVista turned up some additional listings which no longer existed, most likely student pages, but this list in itself is a nice ego sweller.

Joe's Home Page
Aina's Home Page
Geir Harald Hansen
Map Projection Homepage
Bob's Home Page (yet not the Bob Zone)
Owen's Home Page
Paul Dunnett
Tero Parvinen
The Bob Zone
Amit Patel
Przemystaw Kozankiewicz
Chris La Mantia, (an) author of Infinite Worlds
Peter Schaefer
Robert Saunders
A. T. Campbell, III
Joe Slayton, author of Wilbur
Richard Coutts
Eddie McCreary
Jim Menard
Sorabain Wolfheart de Lioncourt
Blackbelt Systems, The Graphics Tutorial Page (I only got one star, but it's an honor just to be nominated, as they say)
YoALW Links (Anarchist, Libertarian, and assorted weird stuff. Lots and lots of links.)

My terrain applets also been listed in the sci.fractals FAQ and the Spanky Fractal Database!

The grab bag -- assorted links

Ubiqx logo Ubiqx Home Page
The Bob Zone!
Monkeypaw's MST3K site - hey, he's a neighbor!
Magic Voice's MST3K Page - another neighbor!
Evan the Wonder Dog - another MSTie neighbor!
Ask Kosh! (and don't touch the monkey!)
Mark Cox,
Welcome to Stoneman Software, Inc.
THE "LENSMEN" ALT "LENSMAN" FAQ. (v3.58, 23Jan96)
Bruce's Web Space
The Alexandria Project
Index of /projects/ipinadl/papers/abstracts/
Index of /pub/demos/
Tape Exchange
The conitec homepage
Welcome to Fantasy Origin
In The Not Too Distant Future...
Evelio's Vorlon Fighter Design Page
Mystery Science Theater 3000
Milk and Cheese's own home page!
Space Ghost
Hub City Spoke Repair

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