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Lady Picture Show
Stone Temple Pilots

MarvinLooney Tunes

  • Looney Tunes Picture and Sound Gallery - probably the best around.
  • Looney Tunes & Merrie Melodies Information Page
  • E. O. Costello's Warner Brothers Cartoon Companion - detailed and indepth site.
  • Looney Tunes Karaoke - for the truly obsessed.
  • Warner Brothers Web Card Sending Page
  • Warner Brothers Animation Database - for the REALLY obsessed only.
  • Marvin The Martian - THE BEST Marvin page out there. 'Nuff said.

    Mr. BeanMr. Bean

  • The Official Mr. Bean Website - lots of info, clips and shots about the new movie.
  • Mr. Bean Goes Internet - a really good page, with lots of info about Bean and Atkinson.
  • Mr. Bean Page - sounds, pictures, info and articles, another good site.
  • The Mr. Bean Picture Page - self-explanatory, lots of pics + links.
  • Mr. Bean Links page - all of these plus lots of other Mr. Bean links.

    Young OnesYoung Ones

  • Scumbag College - all the scripts from the shows, tons of info.
  • Young Ones Links Page - every link out there.

    Pop album coverU2

  • Dave Erickson's U2 Rules Page - definately one of the best pages out there.
  • Henry Wagner's Zoo TV - just as good as the above site.
  • U2 World

    Jazz LogoUtah Jazz

  • The Official Page of the Utah Jazz - definately the best.
  • Utah Jazz by Yahoo Sports - up to the minute scores and news.
  • The Utah Jazz

    Wildcats LogoPerth Coke Wildcats

  • The Official Page of the Wildcats - the best basketball team in Australia.
  • National Basketball League - game results and standings for all teams in the NBL.

    Chat Sessions

  • Webchat Broadcasting System - a great chatting place, look for Staka.
  • My homepage at WBS
  • The Park - a much faster chatting place, although I prefer WBS.
  • The Largest Chat Index on the Web - the name says all.


  • Jeopardy Online - play Jeopardy Online, totally addictive.
  • Wheel-of-Fortune Online - same server as the above links, just as addictive.
  • Slap A Spice Girl - an addictive virtual slap game featuring everyone's favorite targets.
  • Bash A Bullshitter - (pardon language) the British political version of the above game.
  • Bert Is Evil - very strange, incredibly funny site. Not for fans of Sesame Street.

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