Gaze ye not into the face of Black Shuck for death will surely follow

Welcome, welcome, sorry about the squeak as you came in Must get some oil for this door

My real name is Richard Brown I was was born 5:17PM 25th June 1971

I can usually be found using the Columbus WWW chat forums. I've used many names over the years but currently I'm using Tuatha de Danaan. When I'm on other chatsites I go by the nom-de-net of Black Shuck.

Over the years that I've been chatting I have made some really good friends. Just to save any arguments I'd like to make clear that the following names are in no particular order although I suppose I could put them in alphabetical order but I can't really be bothered. The Girl from Tomorrow/Neve Campbell/Fingernail Royale(one of the first people I ever chatted to), Liselle(one of the nicest people I've chatted to), Spellykins a very good friend who introduced me to the music of Sarah McLachlan, Infinite Jest who was kind enough to scan the photos of me that you will see further down the page,Ferrets Rule (EBBSH *S*), Cara (Merry meet sister, Blessed be) andWitchypoo. Then of course there are Lavaya and Machma, two friends who are very much in love

Lately most of the time I chat is spent here mostly in the Xena Hardcore Nutball Chatroom and Pub and here is the sort of lowlife that place attracts ~L~

I am about to start the third and final year of a degree course in History at the University of Huddersfield. Huddersfield is about 300 miles away from my home village so obviously my friends and family can't get up here very often but my flatmates are a good bunch so that's alright. The work is a bit harder but that's only to be expected really *S*. The course I'll be doing this year include course on China and Japan which makes for a bit of variety. One of the courses I did last year was about England from when the Romans left til just after the Normans arrived, and it mentioned the Saxon burial mound at Sutton Hoo which is only about 30/40 miles away from my home village

I enjoy reading a lot and apart from Terry Pratchett my favourite type of books are historical murder mysteries, things like the Brother Cadfael books of the late Ellis Peters and the Falco books of Lindsey Davis.

My favourite musicians are Paul Simon, Tanita Tikaram and Sarah McLachlan

Strangely enough the music of Sarah McLachlan appears quite regularly on one of my favourite tv shows, Due South. Most of my favourite tv shows come under the umbrella of 'cult tv/sci-fi' Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, Babylon 5, Red Dwarf, Dark Skies, The Prisoner and The Avengers. Just lately I have started to watch Xena: Warrrior Princess. I realise that this makes me desperately sad but at least I admit it. Two useful pages for all Xenites are The Sword and Chakram and The Temple of Joxer. Actually if truth be told I prefer Xena's sidekick Gabrielle, played by Renee O' Connor. The only progamme that doesn't really fit into the 'sci-fi' catagory is The Sweeney which is a British cop show from the Seventies which has recently begun a repeat run

For those of you who wonder what I look like: This is me at the age of 16 months.
Contrary to popular belief I do laugh sometimes.
This is me at a friends weddings a couple of years ago. When my friend's wife first showed me this photo she said I reminded her of Mr Pink from Reservoir Dogs.

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As Lt Columbo might say, just one more thing. The Green Eye Of The Yellow God

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