The Star Wars Exhibit Pages

These are the various Star Wars props I saw at two separate
exhibits here in the Bay Area, as well as some from fellow fans
from around the world.

The Rebel Alliance

The Barrel-Shaped Droid The Golden Droid
The Legendary R2-D2
Artoo to his friends.
Artoo's Golden Counterpart, C-3PO

Photos by Joe Jankovic

Attention, Virtual Flyers!
Control the movement of the Millennium Falcon
as it flies over a variety of alien here

More Star Wars Rebels

The Heroes - The Villains - The Weapons
Flying Vehicles - Other Vehicles

* * * Last Updated: 15 Nov. 2001 * * *
Props from a Fan in the U.K.
Elephant's Bantha Costume
A Couple of Vaders and a Trooper

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