"Hi. I'm Bunji. These bottom feeders are the ones who are always causing us trouble. They say information is half the battle, so here's our half."

Scarab, the heavyweight champion of all hamfisted villans Professor Scarab The bad guy. He wants to gain eternal life through the use of bionics, but never seems to succeed. Very smart, but needs to cut the caloric intake.As an Evil Genius, Scarab invents new weaponry almost every episode.
Glove. Glove The second-in-command, he wants to change that. Glove hates Scarab and wants his job. He also seems to be a mediocre Evil Genius. Uses a Glove that has a vast array of powers, all nasty.
Mechanic. Mechanic Your stereotypical dumb muscle, Mechanic has limited crainial capacity (second only to Klunk). However, his strength is incredible and he uses a wide variety of tools as weapons.Uses tools for weapons, often throwing sawblades or using a nail/rivet gun.
Madame-O. Who did you expect, dahling? Madame-O Madame-O wore a ribbed face mask that only left her eyes exposed. Had an affinity for sound-based weapons. Said "DAHLING" a lot.A sonic "harp" that did major damage on the eardrums.
Chopper. Chopper Chopper was your stereotypical metal-headed "Mad Max" wannabe. Got his name from the souped-up motor bike he drove and his fighting stlye. Talked in a grating, thuggish voice.Chopper used any weapon he could get his hands on, but was partial to the chains he had attached to his chest.
Klunk, in all his grey-green glory Klunk What cartoon series would be complete without the blob? Klunk is basically a mindless grey-green mass of goo.Typical blob stuff: Can absorb punches and other kinetic attacks, engulfs (to a certain extent), super strong.
Cyfrons...watch out! Cyfrons The Cyfons were Scarab's robotic minions, sent to do his evil bidding.Strong, tireless, built-in blasters. Standard fare.

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