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Jack Bennet Helen Bennet Meg Bennet Eric Bennet J.D. Bennet Bunji Bennet F.L.U.F.F.I. Prof. Sharpe
Dr. Scarab Glove Mechanic Madame-O Chopper Klunk

Jack Bennet

Jack Bennet was a test pilot until he was bionically enhanced by Professor Sharpe. He was created to fight against Dr. Scarab in order to protect the world from the destruction he causes.
Jack loves to cook (even though his family doesn't always appreciate his gourmet creations) and has attended conventions world-wide (such as the one in the episode Brain Food). He also enjoys spending time with his family, and is devoted to his wife.
As Bionic-1, he uses his enhanced optics to do everything from deflecting projectiles to deactivating electronic devices and his ears have been modified for super-sensitive sound detection. He is generally regarded as the team leader, giving orders to the others as they avert disaster.

Helen Bennet

Helen Bennet is Jack's wife. She works as a marine biologist and has extensive knowledge of all things under the waves. She once discovered an undersea world where the creatures had mutated (due to plutonium exposure) to share a mental link (Klunk in Love).
Like Jack, Helen deeply cares for her family, as well as Prof. Sharpe. She wants to spend more time with Meg, as her duties (as a team member and as a scientist) often occupy her time. She gets frustrated when ignored by her family.
As Mother-1, Helen has the powers to create holographic projections and Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP). She doesn't seem as combat-effective as the other team members (at least, to me), but her ESP often aids them in their task. However, the malfunctioning of this power (in Crystal Clear)caused her great distress. While not used as often as her ESP, her holographic projection is powerful in its own right.

Meg Bennet

Meg Bennet is the second female member of the team, and is one of the most enthusiastic. She attends Albert Einstein high school (Eric Bats a Thousand) along with her boyfriend Bim (Klunk in Love, I believe) and is one of the most popular kids.
Meg is often found listening to rock music (hence the name Rock-1) or otherwise having fun. She dislikes it when being a member of the Bionic Six interferes with her life (Youth or Consquences), but understands the importance of teamwork.
As Rock-1, Meg is armed with sonic disruptors (those grey things on her shoulders) that project sound waves, or can be removed and used to boost other sound waves like in their communicators (The Case of the Baker Street Bionics). She also has super-speed, leaving a glowing trail whenever she uses it.

Eric Bennet

Eric is a blond teenager (possibly Meg's natural brother) and a baseball fanatic. He eats, sleeps, and is always talking about baseball. Due to his love of the game and his considerable abilities (not bionically enhanced), he was once given the opportunity to try out for the New York Mets, but turned it down to stay with the Six (Eric Bats a Thousand).
Eric is optimistic, and continually cheers the other members on. He is often found playing baseball and still has his first baseball mitt (Nick of Time). Often uses sports lingo in casual conversation. As Sport-1, Eric's arms can create a magnetic field that can be used to either attract or repell obejects, and is often used to deflect metallic projectiles and interfere with computers. He also has an unbreakable Power Bat that he uses to hit different object with (including energy blasts).

J.D. Bennet

J.D. is an African-American who was adopted by Jack and Helen (Just a Little Handicap). He possesses one of the top analytical minds in the world (Mindlink) and is constantly inventing new devices for the Bionic Six to use. He is often found helping Prof. Sharpe in the SPL.
J.D. is constantly working on experiments during his free time, and also enjoys a good mystery (The Case of the Baker Street Bionics). He also has a good heart and often plays the good samaritan.
As I.Q., J.D. was given super-strength (beyond that of the other members). He may have other powers, but I don't remember any of them, perhaps an I.Q. boost. Oddly enough, he doesn't have the -1 suffix for his bionic form. He often acts as the Six's tactician, providing inspiration on the battlefield.

Bunji Bennet

Bunji (real name Bunjiro) is a Japanese kid who loves to party. He is very impulsive, which often gets him into trouble (as in Now You See Me...). He is very strong-willed, and is hard to distract when he puts his mind to a task.
Bunji is often found meditating or working out, especially after almost recieving the Armor of Light, a suit of armor that makes the wearer invincible (Enter the Bunji). He was brought up in Japan by his father (Enter the Bunji), and presumably adopted by the Bennet family later on.
As Karate-1, Bunji has leg enhancements and superior martial arts abilities. He will often jump several feet in the air to land a devastating jump kick on his target.


F.L.U.F.F.I. is a combination maid and pet. He was designed by Professor Sharpe. F.L.U.F.F.I. has a problem with stuttering, and often makes a variety of meaningless sounds whenever spoken too. Eats trash as a fuel source, and loves aluminum.
F.L.U.F.F.I. rarely leaves the house, preferring to watch the Cuddly Fluffs (Now You See Me...) or Cyclon the Great (Fugitive F.L.U.F.F.I.). Also, F.L.U.F.F.I. is innocent and very trusting, which occasionally gets him into trouble. The Bennet family deeply cares for F.L.U.F.F.I. (Fugitive F.L.U.F.F.I.).
F.L.U.F.F.I. has a variety of different tools (A Clean Slate), as well as a radar dish (Fugitive F.L.U.F.F.I.). F.L.U.F.F.I. is also very strong and can eat metal objects with ease, including Mechanic's nail gun (Fugitive F.L.U.F.F.I.)

Prof. Sharpe
Professor Amadeus Sharpe

Sharpe is a brilliant scientist who runs the SPL (Special Project Labs). He is Dr. Scarab's brother (A Clean Slate, Family Affair, and others) and wishes Wilmer was working for good as well.
The SPL is run out of the museum he owns, with the entrance hidden behind a holographic projection of a wall next to a statue of Benjamin Franklin who he seems to admire (Happy Birthday Amadeus). He will often enlist the help of J.D. when he is working on a difficult project. Throughout the show he invents numerous devices (including an enhanced bionic recharger in Nick of Time), and of course he invented the bionics used by the six (Bionics On! - The First Adventure).
Sharpe has no special abilities of his own, and unlike Scarab, he has not augmented himself. He seems content to work in the background and invent the tools necessary for the Six to fight Scarab. He also seems to wield considerable political power (such as setting up a Shuttle launch in The Man in the Moon).

Dr. Scarab
Doctor Wilmer Scarab

Scarab is the antagonist of the series, and Prof. Sharpe's brother. His goal is to gain immortality through any means possible, as well as gaining as much power as possible in the process. He is the leader of the gang (created in Bionics On! - The First Adventure), and is the brains of the outfit.
As the Bionic Six's nemesis, Scarab is often seen brooding over his latest failure or working in his next scheme. He is a technical genius, perhaps even more proficient than his brother, Amadeus (A Clean Slate). His hideout is underwater, beneath an oil rig and concealed beneath a blue cover.
Scarab has a bionic monocle that has a variety of uses, including scanning for bionics (House Rules), heat vision (Bionics On! - The First Adventure), infrared vision (The Man in the Moon), and laser blasts (House Rules). He may or may not have additional bionics, but it is likely due to his obsession with immortality.


The second-in-commmand of Scarab's gang, he wants to replace Scarab. Glove is purple-skinned and bald, and gets his name from the super-powered bionic glove he wears. Glove is ruthless, often stepping on anybody in the way of his lust for power. He is the second biggest threat to the Bionic Six (after Scarab).
Glove is continually seeking to destory the Bionic Six or Scarab. He has an aptitude for electronics, often tinkering with his glove (Fugitive F.L.U.F.F.I.), and used his skills to erase Scarabs memory in (A Clean Slate). He is quite intelligent, but nowhere near Scarab's. Scarab knows this and often disciplines Glove in order to curb his disloyalty. He also seems to share a relationship with Madame-O (Just a Little Handicap).
Glove's glove has a vast array of weaponry, from lasers to missles to even a stun ray (Music Power, I believe). He is always upgrading, and is very protective of it, especially after Mechanic caused it to malfunction (Fugitive F.L.U.F.F.I.).


Mechanic is a large, hulking simpleton. He is very slow-witted, but he tries hard to impress "da boss" when he can. He acts very childish, and often gets angry when he is denied something he wants (like going to the moon in The Man in the Moon). He is very fond of furry animals (Nick of Time), and especially enjoys the Cuddly Fluffs television show (Now You See Me...).
Mechanic seems almost out of place in Scarab's gang, as he is very soft-hearted. However, his loyaty to Scarab keeps him in, and he seems to like letting Scarab think for him. Mechanic is also a big fan of Cyclon the Great (Fugitive F.L.U.F.F.I.), his hero.
Mechanic is mainly used for "muscle", as his strength is incredible. In combat situations, he uses his nail gun (that rapid-fires magnetic nails) or occasionally throws circular saw blades. his hands are also oversized, allowing him to get a good grip. Hovever, his mechanical skills leave much to be desired (Fugitive F.L.U.F.F.I.).


Madame-O is the only female member of Scarab's gang, and she uses it to her advantage. She is very opportunistic, and always backs the winner (Just a Little Handicap). Madame-O wears a ribbed face-mask to hide her face (except once in Nick of Time), and seems to be more agile than anyone else (perhaps a result of her transformation?). She often plays Scarab and Glove against the other.
Madame-O is always on the lookout for profit. If there's a possibility she can benefit from something, she will, even to the point of betrayal (Spin Out, Just a Little Handicap). She is often selected to infiltrate targets using Scarab's holographic devices, and is excellent at covert operations.
Madame-O has a harp that shoots sonic waves (often leading to a shootout with Rock-1), or often using a pistol/SMG of some kind. She seems to be held mainly for scouting where her agility, deviousness, and stealth give her an edge.


Chopper is, quite simply, a brute. Dressed in black with chains circling his chest, Chopper is every inch the thug. He speaks in a grating voice (like an engine revving), and is quite agressive. For some reason, he had targeting goggles on his helmet, but he never used them.
Chopper wasn't as prevailent as the other characters (I believe even Klunk got more air time). He was mainly shown in battle scenes, usually one of the first to attack. He was also good at repairing vehicles, I believe (even opening a garage in Nick of Time).
Chopper loved to fight, and especially with his chains. His never-ending supply was continually used to snare Bionic Six members (who was then usually freed by one of the Six), or as metallic whips. I believe he was also a good shot with a gun.


The first member of Scarab's gang to be transformed, Klunk got a little too much juice. Klunk is a very tall mass of grey-green goo with superhuman strength. He isn't too bright (even compared to Mechanic), but can follow simple orders. Klunk's main purpose was to provide muscle for Scarab.
Klunk was given little airtime, mainly battle scenes or hauling equipment. He did have a romantic interest for a mutated sea creature (Klunk in Love), and disobeyed Scarab in order to save its life.
Despite his lack of intelligence, Klunk was one of the most fearsome enemies of the Six due to his perserverance and strength. He could also absorb the punches of the Six, usually followed up by a devastating bear hug.

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