"Hello. I'm Helen, also known as Mother-1. Perhaps you would like to know a bit about us..."

Bionic Six Character Information

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Bionic-1. One of a kind. Bionic-1/Jack Bionic-1 was the first member of the family to recieve his bionics. Originally a test pilot until augmented by Professer Sharpe. Gourmet cook. Super-vision, Super-hearing
Mother-1, now go finish your homework. Mother-1/Helen Helen is Jack's wife. She was given her bioinics by Professor Sharpe after the accident in the mountains. Works as a marine biologist. ESP, Holographic Projection
Rock-1, ready to roll... Rock-1/Meg Meg is a typical teenage girl, with spiky blond hair and an attitude. Uses a motorbike instead of a Quad-runner.Sonic Disruptors, Super-speed
Sport-1, always willing to pitch in Sport-1/Eric Eric is an accomplished athlete, and loves baseball.Magnetic power arms, Power bat (does this count?)
I.Q., Do Not Disturb! I.Q./J.D. J.D. is an African-American with an aptitude for inventions and a VERY high I.Q. Enhanced strength, and I believe an I.Q. enhancement.
Karate-1. Hiii-YA! Karate-1/Bunji Bunji is an impulsive Japanese kid, which often gets him into trouble. He has a strong connection to his natural father. Real name Bunjiro.Martial Arts abilites, Enhanced strength
F.L.U.F.F.I. I don't know what it stands for either... F.L.U.F.F.I. F.L.U.F.F.I. was the big robotic ape that functioned as the Six's maid. Often used for comic relief. One big bionic! Nothing much, just very strong and multiple tools.
Prof. Sharpe, always on the cutting edge. Professor Sharpe Professor Sharpe is the genius who designed and created the bionics given to the Bionic Six. Brother of Scarab, he sends the Bionic Six to thwart his evil plans. None, he's the brains of the operation.

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