Calamere Leah's Mystic Page

Calamere Leah's Mystic Page

Quote of the year:
"The world is a vampire.....set to drain...."
- Billy Corgan, Smashing Pumpkins

Canadian, Eh?
This is my first web page and I designed it myself so if you think it's crappy.....blow it out your #%!@@*&

This is Calvin. Calvin will be directing you through my webpage. On his right is a favorite pic of mine, a sorcerer standing over two dead bodies. I am a big fantasy fan. And on Calvin's left is Dennis Rodman, tha bad guy, the devil of personal favorite.

1.Calvin To see my view of the world click on Calvin.
2.Calvin Click here to see some unique pics.
3.CalvinClick here to go to the best 'zine on the Net. It's called The Spu.

4.Click here to go to the best search page on the Net. This blows all other search pages away! (Click on the dot)

Well, this is my page and I hope most of you enjoyed it. It will get better as time progresses and I just wanted to thank some people that got me into computers. I don't know where I'd be without them. First of all, my very dearest friend, Rob, whom I greatly respect and I wish I could be more like him. Second I would like to say thank you to Garrett. You've been a great friend. And last but not least.....Jamers. Thanks for all the good advice and great jokes. Thanks, all of you guys. (by the way, Jamers really needs a girl so if any women out there are interested in a smart, athletic, and funny guy......please e-mail me and I'll get back to you.)

And I just wanted to say "Hi" to all my friends in Canwood........ Charlene, Hiedi, Shannon, Courtney, Meagan, Diana, and Meagan and Angie in Shellbrook. Oh ya....and Rachel in Tisdale. "May the Lord watch over me and thee while we are absent one from the other."

Well...that's all. If you have any comments e-mail me at .

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