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Thanks on top of thanks to Sissi for sharing her considerable knowledge with me...without her constant attention, I could never have made this page look 'just right'. She made this beautiful banner for me; go see what other beauties she has to offer!

My Favorite Dragon

As you gaze upon this, my favorite dragon picture, imagine that this is actually NOT a painting!
This dragon is made of Metalwork Lace threads, and took the artist approximately 500 hours to complete.
This image was scanned through it's glass frame and, in reality, is 16 inches in length!
This piece is very rare. Only 2 are currently known of. I would like to thank Ana & Geoff for allowing me to display this exquisite piece of art on my page.

If you would like to visit the artist's web site (and you won't be sorry if you do!)
please click HERE.

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