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Amber Diceless Role Playing Game is a game based on The Amber Chronicles by Roger Zelazny. They have got to be amoungst my all time favourite series of books.
What is all the fuss over Amber about? Find our for yourself by reading over some reviews, but be warned: There are some SPOILERS!
A better option would be to go out and buy the books, and the RPG books.
If you have any more questions, try the Amber Mailing List FAQ, or email me.

You are number in line to the throne of Amber.

Unicorn - leftCampaignsUnicorn - right

The Root of All Evil(new) is a new campaign run by myself.
All Roads Lead...(new) is a campaign that is just starting. I play Starlene.
Heirs To The Throne(new)
Equinox contains many Trumps, Diaries, Logs, and the like.
New Blood, Old Wounds.
The Second Coming is a very well presented campaign with an occult feel.
The second coming of The Second Coming. Different from the above campaign.
The New Amber Chronicles (was Old Ghosts).
Which Endureth Forever.
Skribe's Page is home to 3 campaigns.
Through a Pattern Darkly is a campaign with a dark mood.
Andrew Inman's game.
Frederick Hicks' Arc of Paradox
Bernie Hsiung's Season of Change
Ghosts and Shadows is a campaign that has been run by two people.
Point of Order is a new campaign. Take a look!
Eyes of Dawn PBM game is another new one.
Gérard's Regency by Cor.
Stygia is also by Cor. It is set in an Alternative Amber, different from that which Zelazny portrays.
Shavings of True Stone.
Cardinal Sun is a Amber PBEM with a horror theme! You wont turn your light off tonight!
The Black Oak Hart campaign. Nicely detailed.
Dukes of Amber is a game with not one, but five Amber like universes! Prophesy is a campaign set 100 years after Dukes of Amber.
The Black Spiral.
In Ancient Amber all the characters are inexperienced shadow travellers.
Nexus is an Alternate Amber, with different characters and places.
The Realignment campaign!
Onyx and Zircon, both from the same people.
The Broken Down Palace.
Riders on the Storm.
The Interregnum.
The Keys to the Pattern campaign isn't active, but still a good read.
"It seemed like a good idea at the time!" - Everybody sing!
Kate Mahony's Amber Page. Nicely detailed.
The Chronicles of Paradox.
The hottest thing out is The Fire Pattern!
This Too Shall Pass if you take enough laxatives.
Follow The Yellow Brick Road is half way to moving here.
Jim Vincent's Email Amber game. Catchy title.
Strange Bedfellows.
Ben Goodwin's The Spark and The Golden Age
Autumn Days.
City on a Hill
Hydra is a campaign with as many secrets as a Hydra has heads!
A nameless game run by Mike Earl.
Strange Attractors.
"You Did What?!?"
Vengeance is mine!!! (Well not really, it's Chalise McDonald's)
Paths of Blood, Ways of Stone
Melissa M. Heischberg's campaign. Are Pattern, Logrus and Trump all malfunctioning?
Misbeggoten Lies.
The Lost Boys.(new)
Children of the Knight
And All My Nightly Dreams. A campaign of surreal secrets.
Bastards!! An Amber Campaign of Illegitimacy and Attitude.
The Spark.


"It seemed like a good idea at the time!" Trumps.
Kate Mahony's Trump Page contains some of the best around.
The Dukes of Amber Trumps, and the ones that are as yet unused.
The Chronicles of Paradox Trump Deck
These are the hottest trumps ever!
Characters from the Hydra mug-shots. (Mostly altered photos)
Lar's Trumps.

Want some of your own Trumps? You can buy some here. There are also a few samples for you to view.

Unicorn - leftPartial PowersUnicorn - right

Powers relating to Moonstone Initiation.
Would you believe me if I said that there are Partial Powers here?
The South Hampton University Amber Partial Powers List - Second Edition.
Cor has a Revised Amber Manual, and his new Cor System of Amber.
The Lintking's rather humourous set of rules.
Powers, Points, and Peculiarities by Meera Barry and the Lintking.
The Maxims of Magic
New Powers from The Black Oak Hart campaign, again by Meera Barry.
Not just any powers, but The Powers.
A Partial Powers system that breaks down the powers, offers Exalted Powers, and introduces others such as Ygg Initiation.
The World of Darkness meets Amber.
The Jhereg System.
Partial Powers of Pattern and Trump, including Exalted Powers!
Alternate Item Rules.
Expanded Sorcery System.
Melnibonean Sorcery.
Onyx Partial Powers.
Advanced Conjuration.
Gateway: a variation on Trump.
There is a well thought out Partial Power system here.
This is just a list of abyssmal powers!
Sorcery House Rules OK
Disciplines: a new sorcery system.
You Did What to your character sheet?!?
A good source of new power ideas.
Broken Pattern, and your warrantee just run out.
These things shouldn't be allowed out. Here is another Broken Pattern.
Tolkien magic for Amber.

Unicorn - leftAmber FictionUnicorn - right

Aces and Eights by H. R. Smith.
Max's Change by Zachary DeAquila.
Amber Satirical Writings
Deb Atwood's Amber Fiction.
It would take you an eternity to find Amber fiction or poetry that are hotter than these!
Visit the Real World by Deb Atwood and Anne Fraser.
The Tragical Histrory of Eric, King of Amber

If you are still interested, then try the Amberfic Mailing List Archives.

Unicorn - leftOther Amber SitesUnicorn - right

Join The Golden Circle and have more Amber fans visit your web page more often.
Southhampton University
A Pattern In The Web e-zine.
The Amber Series
Mabarry's Amber
Chris Bickford's Amber Page
Card based combat for Amber.
AmberCon UK '97. Anyone got a spare return ticket from Australia?
The Land of Roses is a supplement for Amber DRPG.
Court Lessima is a system in it's own right, but has ideas that can be used for Amber.
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