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Kay's X-Files Page

Hi there. Welcome to my homepage. I've compiled a list of X-Files relates sites, with links to Articles, Sounds, Fan clubs, Fanfic and much more. If you are interested in adding your site to my list of links, please e-mail me with the URL of your site. The site is constantly under going modifications so come back often. In the mean time, check out my X-Files links.


X-Philes For Abolishing Censorship Threatening Our Rights

The images found on this page (millprot.jpg and freespeech.gif) is copyrighted to Lori L. Bloomer, 1996, These image are offered for public use to any X-Files or Millenium fans wishing to protest FOX Television and Ten-Thirteen Productions' joint decision to shut down "unauthorized" Web Sites. Click on the images to find out more information about this on-line movement

Supreme Court Appeal News

Countdown to Supreme Court

The future of free expression in the information age and the fate of the Internet as a viable medium of free expression, education, and commerce hang in the balance. On March 19, 1997, the United States Supreme Court will consider the legal challenge to the Communications Decency Act (CDA), which criminalizes constitutionally protected speech on the Internet. A decision is expected in June.
The web site of the Citizens Internet Empowerment Coalition (CIEC), a broad group of Internet users, library groups, publishers, online service providers, and civil liberties groups -- contains the lastest news and detailed background on the case. The site also contains important information on what you can do to join the fight for the future of this medium.

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Created: November 8, 1996
Last Update: March 8, 1997

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