The Sanctum Alcedon
The World was Afire
"The fabric between realities had been shorn apart like parchment in the desert. The sun was sundered in two and seven new moons rose into the night sky. Seas boiled and theearth melted. The mighty floating cities of the decadent Archeans crashed to the earth and the land of Simbar sank below the churning waves of the Azure Ocean.
"On the continent of Talislanta, Submen tribes devoured and ravaged everything the horrors spilling from the netherrelms left behind ... and we fell like wheat to their blades. "And then a savior appeared. As the other High Masters panicked and died, or fled on golden ships .. one took pity on us and lead us to safety. Archimandius, savoir of the Landeborne, lead our exodus to the land of Alcedon, out of the reach of the savage blades. "But the earth was dying. Pierced through the heart by dark magics and misguided power. For years, her death throes shook the ground below our sanctuary. And then with her final breath he took it upon herself to spare our meager lives. Before she ripped apart and vanished into the void, she gave one final heave and caste our land into the sky. The finale gift from the land of our birth; solitude and safety as we float in our sanctuary upon the mists of the void."
from the "Alcedian Pandects..
"Or so we once believed....
"But we hear the knock of adventurers from beyond the Worldsedge and we listen to their tales. They claim we are not an island in the ether, but like a leaf above the land we once thought lost. Tales told by men driven mad by the maelstrom beyond the edge of the world.
"And yet these tales intrigue me....
"We have many treasures and secrets hidden in the vaults below the Sanctum, most have lain untouched since before the exodus. The Pandophists and Archivists will be sent into the vaults to look for proof of a myth, for evidence of this forgotten land called Talislanta"
--letter from the Hierarch's Chamber to the Chief Guildmasters
These Pages are dedicated to the Talislanta RolePlaying Game
Enter the Halls of the Guildclans
The Archivists Guildclan
Documents and secrets from the depth of the dusty vaults.
An ever growing collection of new archetypes, spells, rules and essays on the varied cultures of Talislanta.
The Literati Guildclan
Stories and fiction from the world of Talislanta
Fan Fiction, including the complete New Zanth Stories
The Curators Guildclan
A dark and winding hall filled with tapestries and artworks from before the exodus, depicting the varied lands, plants, creatures and cultures of the land called Talislanta
*NOW FEATURING* The Talislanta Miniatures Catalogue!
A Talislanta art gallery.

The Ventures Guildclan
Travel forth to the lands below and explore the lands of Talislanta.
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The Sanctum Alcedon

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