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Yes, Mulder!! We Are Out Here!!

I am a member of the alien race designated as 451. We are an old and knowledgable race who are bored out of our minds!! I have come to your planet to amuse myself. I have found your "WEB" to be quite intriguing. This website of mine is still under construction. If there are errors or glitches, please excuse them. Since my neural pathways do not function in the same way as yours, (and I am assuming you are human), I am still assimilating data.

Below I have listed a few of the more common alien species that visit or dwell on your world. For each one I have prepared a short summary about their general nature. I tried to stick to only the facts, but my personal opinion kept getting in the way. If any alien visiting this page is offended by the summary of their race, please feel free to express your comments in my guestbook.


KLINGONS - The Bad Boys of the Galaxy

VULCANS - A Boring Species

TAELONS - Smooth Talkers of the Galaxy

TENCTONESE - The Newcomers

ROMULANS - The Evil Twin

SPECIES 451 - All About Me

BORG - Resistance is Futile

BAJORANS - Some Nice Folks

FERENGI - Greed is Eternal



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