The recently “rescued” Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson made a quick trip via squad car to Wayne Manor from Louie the Lilac’s hideout at the Defunct Fragrance Factory on Lavender Lane to change out of their malodorous beach clothes. They then returned to Police Headquarters to make their formal complaints against the flower-loving gangster. After doing so, the millionaire playboy and his ward stopped by Commissioner Gordon’s office to visit with him and Chief O’Hara.

A standing Chief O’Hara summed up their latest adventure. “Well, another canny, colorful crook is in the clink.”

Seated behind his desk, James Gordon sighed contentedly. “And a tuckered out Police Commissioner is going to breathe much easier on his West Cape cruise.”

A look of concern came over Wayne’s face. He rose out of his chair, as did Dick. “West Cape cruise?”

“I think I’ve earned myself a little vacation, Bruce, and the Department’s in good hands with Chief O’Hara at the helm.”

Dick also looked troubled. “When do you leave, Commissioner?”

“End of the week. Why?”

“Uh,” Bruce began, “It’s just that–”

“You two look as though I were committing some sort of criminal act by taking a vacation.”

Reluctantly, Bruce explained, “As I was saying, Commissioner, Gotham City is planning a civic luncheon in your honor next week.”

My honor?”

Bruce nodded. “It was supposed to be a surprise,” Dick said sadly.

Chief O’Hara spread his arms and added, “But now the cat’s out of the bag.”

Commissioner Gordon thumped his desk. “Well, there goes the West Cape cruise!” He looked around sheepishly at the three men standing. “I’m deeply touched. And, uh, just between the four of us, I, uh, I’ll certainly try to act surprised at this surprise luncheon.”

The four shared a laugh . . . but meanwhile, across town, in an innocent looking warehouse, a strange scene ensued . . .

“Evelina, come here.”

A well-endowed woman, wearing sandals and a flowing, light, golden dress appeared and hung decorously on a door. Her left shoulder was bare and the unusual outfit showcased her beautiful legs.

“Yes, boss?” the buxom blonde said with a trace of an English accent.

Evelina’s boss was that dauntless champion of women’s rights, Nora Clavicle. Although more conservatively dressed than her employee, the brown-haired woman was still slightly sensational in her dark suit with knee-length skirt.

“It’s come. Get Angelina.”

The first woman left and returned a moment later with a taller woman, dressed similarly to Evelina, except it was her right shoulder that was exposed. Together the two strawberry blondes were reminiscent of statues of Greek goddesses come to life.

Clavicle held what appeared to be a large parchment scroll. “Let’s roll this out and see what it looks like,” she ordered.

Evelina and Angelina did as they were told. Nora stood between the two glamazons, with Evelina at her right. The paper was revealed to have the name “CLAVICLE” emblazoned on it in ornate letters.

As Angelina looked on approvingly, Evelina remarked, “Commissioner Gordon won’t have to act surprised at the affair in his honor. He’s going to get the surprise of his life.”

“He certainly is,” Nora replied, “especially when he discovers . . .” she paused and smiled coyly,
“. . . he’s ex-Police Commissioner Gordon!”

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