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January 18, 2009, is the 41st Anniversary of the first broadcast of the Siamese Human Knot!

This Year! Click here to learn about a video with a segment on Human Knotting!

The following pages were updated:

A complete and revised adaptation of
Nora Clavicle and the Ladies' Crime Club

with 3 Pictures!

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Introduction for the Uninitiated

A web site devoted to a few scenes, lasting about four and a half minutes, of one episode out of 120 of a 40+ year-old TV series? Yes, because ever since I first saw the episode Nora Clavicle and the Ladies' Crime Club on the Batman TV show, I have been obsessed with the Siamese Human Knot. If you are intrigued by what Batman called, "torture, at its most bizarre and terrible," then this is the website for you!

What do I find so compelling about the Siamese Human Knot? First, I find the concept of a torture, using only the victims' bodies, where, in Nora Clavicle's words, "The slightest move by any one of you will only draw the Human Knot tighter, crush your bones and strangle you!" fascinating - no ropes, no unbelievable machinery, just the ordeal of absolute motionlessness.

Next, Batgirl and Robin both look great! Yvonne Craig's costume was never shown off to better advantage. Additionally, all the actors and actresses involved did an excellent job.

Then there are the mysteries surrounding the Human Knot. Why did the actors move a couple of times? Where were the limbs we cannot see? How were the hands held together? I have had one person write and tell me that there really is such a torture. Do you think this is true? I would be very interested in your thoughts on these topics.


Earlier study had shown that not only did Batman move his left arm after the first scene, but the position of Batgirl's and Batman's legs shifted as well! Before the commercial break, both of Batgirl's legs were under Batman's, but in the next shot, Batman's right leg was inbetween Batgirl's legs. This gave viewers a better look at her magnificent chest!

Click here to read about another move that was made inside the Siamese Human Knot.
Also - excerpts about the Knot in Burt Ward's book!

Yvonne Craig's November 23, 1997, e-mail!

"Now for the Human Knot - to be honest with you that was so long ago I don't really remember. We all just kinda jumped in and got tangled up together. It wasn't scripted to put any body parts any certain place at any time...Sorry I can't be of more help - but I really just don't remember."
Best Bat Wishes

I saw a pair of sports socks for sale at Wal-Mart. They were made of neoprene, the material which Yvonne Craig said her Batgirl costume "was not really as thick as." Not only that, they were made in Thailand (formerly Siam!)

Ages of the principals at the time of the tying of the Siamese Human Knot:
Adam West - 40; Barbara Rush - 37; Yvonne Craig - 30; Burt Ward - 22.
Yvonne Craig is 5'4" tall, while Burt Ward is 5'9". I believe Adam West height is about 6'1 and a half inches.

Joel Eisner, in his 1986 book The Official Batman Batbook writes that Nora Clavicle and the Ladies' Crime Club was the only episode in the series not to have a Batfight. While I am not sure this is correct (what about the two Zelda the Great episodes?), it certainly was rare.

Batman (Adam West), Batgirl (Yvonne Craig) and Robin (Burt Ward)

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Click here to learn about the villainesses:
Nora Clavicle, Angelina and Evelina

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Click here to see what, for some people, is the most lasting image in Nora Clavicle and the Ladies' Crime Club!

Click here to read what Batman discovered when he researched Siamese Human Knots!

Click here to see scenes from the episode Before, During and After the Siamese Human Knot

Click here to enjoy a transcript of the Siamese Human Knot scenes in Nora Clavicle and the Ladies' Crime Club, with lots of pictures and sound bites

Click here to discover scenes deleted from the episode as broadcast and to learn about other deviations from the script

Click here to study descriptions of the Siamese Human Knot in print

Click here to consider speculations on the origin and influences of the Siamese Human Knot

Click here to read an original Siamese Human Knot story

Click here to see Batman, Batgirl and Catwoman tied into a Siamese Human Knot!
Also, Catwoman applies the Chinese Water Torture to Batgirl!

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