Descriptions of the Siamese Human Knot in print

Original 1960s Batman 16mm reel Episode 113 for sale on ebay (2004)
Nora then orders Evelina and Angelina to tied (sic) The Dynamic Trio into a gruesome Terriffic(sic) Siamese Human Knot, which will instantly strangulate all of them with the slightest motion!
As the three crimefighters struggle to avoid strangulation . . .

Fantastic Television (1977) by Gary Gerani
Batman, Robin and Batgirl are tied into a human knot by Nora Clavicle and her female gang.
Subjected to fear, laughing (? - twof) and crying gasses, transformed into a slab of cardboard, or tied into a knot by a succession of fiends, the worst punishment Batgirl ever receives is a few bumps on the head.(! - twof)

The Official Batman Batbook (1986) by Joel Eisner
Nora then orders her aides to tie the trio into a Terrific Siamese Human Knot, which will instantly strangle all of them if anyone moves in the slightest. Leaving them to their fate . . .

Epi-Log Fanzine, May, 1991
A trap is set for the three Caped Crimefighters. Nora's female thugs rob a bank and Batman pursues them to their hideout, accompanied by Robin and Batgirl. The three are caught and are tied into a human knot - if they move in the slightest they will be strangled.

Cinefantastique Magazine, February, 1994

Back to the Batcave (1994) by Adam West
Nora's new job is just an effective cover for criminal activities . . . as Batman, Robin and Batgirl learn when they're tied into a human knot, the slightest move designed to strangle them.

Boy Wonder: My Life in Tights (1995) by Burt Ward
The script, by Stanford Sherman, had the dynamic trio captured and tied in a Siamese Human Knot, supposedly designed to strangle all of us if any of us made a move to escape.

The Sci-Fi Channel Encyclopedia of TV Science Fiction (1998) by Roger Fulton and John Betancourt
A suffragette bent on destroying Gotham City ties the terrific trio into a terrific Siamese human knot.

A description of the Siamese Human Knot and the Terrific Trio's escape. Part of "Traps, Teasers, and Escapes" on a very nice Batman TV series site.

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