Siamese Knot Art

In 2008 this picture was sold on eBay

with the following description:

An original handpainted Acrylic on Canvas of Two Stylised Siamese Cats
by well-known professional cat-artist Suzanne Le Good.


This lovely, handpainted canvas depicts two stylised Siamese - a Sealpoint and Bluepoint -
laying together on their pink patterned bed.
How did they manage to get themselves into such an entwined position?!

The canvas measures approx. 6" x 6". Signed on the front; signed and dated on the back.
The copyright watermark and black border are for display purposes only.
Please note the artist retains copyright.


An Artist's Interpretation
of Nora Clavicle and the Ladies' Crime Club

all by The Mad Hatter

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