Third Position Discovered!

My unending research revealed that West, Ward and Craig moved a second time!
Compare these two pictures:

First Batgirl's left arm is over Robin's right, but later Robin's arm is above hers!

Is that Batman's left hand in the lower center of this picture?

From Burt Ward's book
Boy Wonder My Life in Tights

Taking a clinching position with Yvonne and Adam before the shot, with our arms and legs intricately and tightly interwoven, was hilarious and titillating. Adam, wild man that he is, playfully began groping me on the legs and buttocks. At first I thought it was Yvonne (or maybe I just wished it) and didn't resist, but Yvonne is a classy lady who would never stoop to such perversion.
More from Burt Ward's book

The dialogue for the Siamese Human Knot scene was only two lines, one for Adam and one for me. But in the Dynamic Duo’s “close encounter with its third kind,” we discussed having fun with the scene and improvising additional dialogue . . .

On “Action” we all started ad-libbing, making sure we didn’t step on one another’s lines for fear of getting caught and our antics exposed . . .

On camera, we said some very hokey lines.

I said something like, “Gosh, Batman, if I wiggle the fourth finger of my left hand, see if you can twitch your right ear.”

“Robin, as I slide my upper thigh underneath you, try to turn over on your stomach,” Adam responded.

“Batman, can you rotate the dimple in your chin?” . . .

The scene turned out wonderfully, but after nearly twenty seconds of this cockamamie, Oscar yelled:

“Cut! Cut! What the hell is going on here? Where is all this dialogue coming from?”

If you check the Script section of this site, you'll find there was a lot more dialogue in the Knot than the two lines Burt remembered.

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