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Gaming Links

tsrlink.gif (2670 bytes)TSR Inc.   Without these folks, this page would never be and Taelgar would be a figment of my imagination (wait, isn't that what it is?)

Fantasy Artwork

Oneth's one of my friends. He's got some great pictures that he's done and a lot of other stuff on his site.  Check it out!

BloodSong's Gallery:   There's a lot of awesome full color artwork here, all that BloodSong did.  A must see!

By the way, if you see Pouncer's Hide & Seek game on either of these sites, go there!  It's a graphical Hide & Seek game, well worth the trip!

Misc. Links

Caligari's Web Site.  The makers of trueSpace, one of the best 3D design and rendering packages around.

Adobe.  The makers of the Portable Document Format and some other cool graphics applications such as Photoshop.

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