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Coming Someday:  Links to FRUA Resources, including part 1 of the ongoing Taelgar Saga.

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Game runs every other Sunday night from 9:00 to 11:00 PM EST in SorceryNet's #Cragenmoor.

Welcome to the Role Playing Games section of Cragenmoor.  Here there will be a lot of information about an IRC campaign I am running set in the world of Taelgar.  There are some RPG related files in the Files section of this web site.

Taelgar is a world of might and magic, much like the Forgotten Realms world of Toril or Greyhawk's Oerth.  It was developed to fill in some gaps the other worlds were lacking, thus it contains a few unique aspects to it, as well as some that are already known.  All literature on Taelgar can be found in the Files section.

The Taelgar campaign is currently being run in Sorcery Net's IRC in #Cragenmoor.  It is still a relatively low level (5-6th level heroes) campaign.  Below are the current character sheets of the heroes.  If there are not links to a particular character, either the person playing the character has not given me an updated character sheet, or the person does not wish for their character to be shared.

In order to view these character sheets, or many other documents on this web site, you need Adobe's Acrobat Reader.  Soon there will be several new characters added to the below list.  Perhaps one or two of the old ones will return as well. The character sheets available are for those who wished to receive updated sheets. Not all PCs have sent in character sheets to be included.

Occasionally I'll see fit to post some temporary miscellaneous stuff below here, such as Monsters of the Week (pictures of the beasts that are faced each session if they are unique enough), old encounter sheets that I use during the game, maps, etc.

Monsters of the Week

[kobold.gif]The short demon-dogs were actually kobolds. The party was assaulted by 12 of these beasts. While they were not much of a match for the party, they did keep them on their toes.

Misc. Stuff

The group is in Kingsport, the capital of Tamara. Unfortunately, they've run into some strange occurrences. In the middle of winter, the town seems to have been attacked and nearly destroyed. The only people they have seen have been dead. The streets are vacant and the wind blows eerily.

Map of Kingsport as it stands to date.  The red area is the boundary which has disallowed any entrance.

Updated 02/11/99