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When I was young, my father, Kalin, taught me everything he knew about spells and magic.(But, for some reason, I was born with the ability to fly, telekinises, and telepathy.) I also always had this great blue gem over my chest and when it was covered, it would always show, no matter what, the same was for Sky Dreamer, who had a great green gem, and Fire Angel, who had a great red gem.
Kalin ruled everything north of the Purple Sea. The Purple Sea was like a huge equator on my home world of Actos. The south part of the planet was ruled by a evil warlord named Manchus (who was more machine than man), wished to rule both halves of Actos. Kalin, my father, and Manchus were always at war, until one of them beat the other. Sadly to say, it wasn't my father.Then, I was only 14, and in charge of the land and kingdom. But soon, Manchus was at war with me and I too, lost. Sky Dreamer, Fire Angel, and I ran away and through our magic, we traveled to other worlds, in search of someone that might be able to teach us even more magic and how to handle weapons better than we knew. It was a long struggle as we searched, but one day came across a man named Lin. Lin taught us everything we needed to know, even more. After 8 long years of training, we bid farewell to Lin and traveled back to Actos, only to find the city in ruins. Everything my father had worked for, had been destroyed. My rage and hatred for Manchus only grew stronger and stronger, waiting for the day that I will take his life, just like he took my father's. After searching for him, we finally found out that Manchus fled to another planet, because he was only fed up with Actos. Before leaving, Sky suggested that we take the people of Actos to saftey and away from this horrowed planet. And we did just that, we took them to live on the planet of Gila, where our helper Lin lived. Lin who had been so kind to us, had a present, that would be our companions during the search for Manchus. Lin gave Angel a red cat, whose hair looked like fire. Sky received a golden-brown pegasus, who looked like it came out of the rays of the sun. I received a miniature silver dragon, that looked like the moonbeams each night. They each had special powers, and we had a special bond with them. Lin was so nice to us so that during our travels we would always go back and visit him. But soon, he passed away from old age. But our destiny might never be fullfilled, unless we find Manchus.

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