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What is "The Canadian Wiccan Circle Webring"?

The Canadian Wiccan Circle is a small group of wiccan friends who wanted to create a webring to unite people who have Wiccan, Witchcraft and/or Pagan sites and beliefs. To the thousand of us who practice earth religions, and seek both balance and unity in their lives. To those of us who see the different paths, and have chosen to pick the way carefully and follow it with dedication. To those of us who have "come out of the closet", and to those of us who are content to hold solitary ritual. To those that perished in the Burning Times, and to those that still fight for our religions freedom. We give you thanks. May our world-wide circle of faith, love, and dedication to the craft bind us together as a community, and as a family.

If you have a Wiccan/Witchcraft/Pagan site and would like to join The Canadian Wiccan Circle Webring, please follow all the instructions below. Thank you for your interest.

The Canadian Wiccan Circle Webring, stands for Love,Beauty,Power,Strength,Compassion,Mirth,Reverence,Friendship,Family,Fun,Guidance,Knowledge,Insight,Learning,Teaching,Caring,Giving.

1)How to get started.
2)Add me to it.
3)Edit an existing site.
4)Enter the circle.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me Cierra Lee

The Canadian Wiccan Circle Webring was created and is owned by Carol Lane Copyright@1998.

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