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First off, I suggest you get Netscape 4.0 or better to view my page, and also have Java and JavaScript enabled. If not, your missing out. There is a lot of stuff here so I hope you find what you want. I have recently added a new look to my page (6/20/99), you can comment on it via an easy to use form I set up.
Please Note: There are images on my page that are clickable. And do sign the guestbook before you leave.
I have a chatroom here, also.

[The Wheel of Time]

The Wheel of Time is a fantasy book series written by the talented author Robert Jordan.
I have lists of forshadows, some images, links, info, chapter summaries, sample chapters, a message board, and more!.

[The Sword of Truth]The Sword of Truth seies is a fantasy book series written by the excellent author Terry Goodkind.
I have a list of the Wizard's Rules, a couple of interviews with Terry, a quote page, and more!.
[Chrono Trigger]Chrono Trigger is a fun and challenging game for the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) created by SquareSoft.
I am developing a comprehensive walkthrough, I have character info, info about the rocks, tech info, and more!
[Age of Empires]Age of Empires is a Computer Strategy Game created by MicroSoft and Ensable Studios.
This section is currently under development, but when it is done it will have: scenario and campain downloads, patch downloads, civilization info, building info, unit info, images, a script that will tell you your IP address for multiplayer games, heck maybe even AoE funnies.
[The DragonSworn Webring]The DragonSworn Webring is a group of pages about, mostly, The Wheel of Time, that are connected together by links. You can sign up to be a member of the ring if you own a webpage.
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