Have you ever had the feeling, reading Tolkien or Lovecraft or any of the other great fantasy writers, that their descriptions were just a little too vivid for fiction? Did they spark a fire of recognition in your own subconscious, as if you, too, had access to those realms of wonder but couldn't quite remember how to get there? It's no coincidence. Those worlds are real, and I've been there. Lovecraft was right; the entryway is through dreaming--but there's more to that other world than he ever saw beyond the walls of sleep.
    My name is Kyriel, and I am a Fury. Let me tell you some of what I've seen and done in R2, a world where the roll of a die determines what was in your heart all along, and people live the lives they always intended.

Table of Contents
The chapter numbers are to help you with the order of events, but the chapters themselves may be read as independent short stories, in whatever order you choose (although I would suggest reading Chapter 1 first). The links below will take you to the first "page" of each story, and that page will link you to the next until you reach the end. You may also come back to the table of contents at any point by clicking the link at the bottom of each page.

Chapter 1: Temptation (in two parts)
Chapter 2: How It All Began (in three parts)
Chapter 3: Starts with a "Z" (in five parts)
Chapter 4: Monster Me (in three parts)
Chapter 5: Blood and Water (in five parts)
Chapter 6: Of Wolves and Men (in five parts)
Chapter 7: Columbo Queen (in six parts)
Chapter 8: Love, Hate and Fury (in four parts)

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    R3, Otherwise Known as Middle-Earth   

This section represents an obsession almost as important to me as R2 itself: J.R.R. Tolkien and his epic Lord of the Rings. All the work here is my own. Indulge yourself; I certainly have.

The Birth of a Nazgul

Middle Earth Tours

Survivor, Lord of the Rings Style

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