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Please note that this site will no longer be updated, unless (in the very rare occasion) I have some new fanfic to share with you all. I would like to wrap up a WIP or two but there are no guarantees.

Also, I have listed all email addresses without links and the word 'at' instead of @ to avoid email harvesters.

Here is the result of my literary talent =)

This nifty little page is the home of my wonderful little Transformers fanfics. (don't roll your eyes like that)


  • How the Mighty Have Fallen
    Optimus Prime is forced to bear the burdens of leadership
  • Revelations
    Optimus Prime wanders off and gets lost in the depths of Cybertron... but he is not alone
  • The Day of the Black Dolls
    a silly little satire
  • Changing of the Guard
    after assuming the mantle of leadership, Rodimus finds himself forced to deal with taking
    Optimus Prime's place
  • One More Try
    Prime and Alita's relationship during the early years of the war
  • Darkest Hour
    What will become of the Autobots once the Decepticons win the war?
  • Dream State
    I'm Alita One, in my dreams (no, really)
  • The X Factor
    The Decepticons discover that humans aren't as weak as they'd like to believe
    (to be continued)
  • The Transformers Meet the Archies epilogue
    a continuation of the Transformers' adventures in Riverdale
    read the original verion by Anubis Soundwave at Suzanne's Fanfic Page.
  • Precious Things
    In the year 3000, Optimus Prime has dealt with the death of his friends and the destruction of planet Earth. But an emergency message from Punch shows him just how much he has left to lose.
  • Introspection
    What mental demon haunts Starscream?
  • The Transformers vs. Le Front National
    Megatron faces off against France's extremist political group
  • Butter Wars (satire)
    It was a war that stretched across time and space... with a twist
  • Sex, Lies and the Autobot Leader
    After breaking up with Alita One, Optimus Prime suddenly finds himself a free agent
  • Family Ties
    A medical examination turns Hot Rod's world upside down.... Could Optimus Prime really be his father?
  • Come What May
    Optimus Prime contemplates a new relationship when he is saved by a beautiful female
  • Rivalries
    RID Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus clash over issues from their past
    Children of Primus series
  • Part One: Distant Early Warning
    Optimus and Rodimus Prime face an enemy with the power to destroy their very minds. An old foe returns to complicate matters.
  • Part Two: The Gathering Storm
    Will the Autobots and Decepticons be able to set aside their differences in light of the coming threat? Also, what lurks in the depths of Cybertron?
  • Part Three: Apocalypse Rising
    The Chaos-Bringer is on his way... can the united children of Primus stop him from devouring the universe?
  • Broken Circle
    The fledgling Autobot/Decepticon alliance is tested by a phantom terrorist group (FINALLY COMPLETE!)

    Dark Angel's fics:

    The following stories are by Dark Angel. They take place in my Optimus/Rodimus co-leadership universe. Andromeda is my creation; Nova is hers. Neither are to be used without prior consent.

  • Open Wounds, Closed Hearts
    A rebellious new recruit turns Rodimus' world upside down (Timeline: nearly a year before the Children of Primus trilogy)

    Other fandoms

    Harry Potter:

  • Sticks and Stones
    Life as a double agent begins to take its toll on Snape. Can Harry really trust his most hated professor?
  • The Beginning of the End
    What would a world without Severus Snape be like? A drastic action threatens the past as well as the future.
  • Picture Perfect
    Snape observes events after the end of the war. SPOILERS for Deathly Hallows. (NEW added 7/31/2007)

    Star Trek:

  • A Visit to Ops (satire)
    a frightening androgynous lifeform appears on the station, providing much amusement for the crew... and paving the way for intergalactic peace?!
  • The Key (satire)
    Odo's skeleton key opens the door on infinite possibilities -- and infinite corruption
  • Star Trek: The Battle Against Prejudice
    forgive the corny title, it's a paper I did for my Sociology class (why can't I ever do one for Transformers?)
  • Captain's Catastrophe (a.k.a. Star Trekkin')(satire)
    Captain Picard's sanity is put to the test


  • Friday the 13th part XIII: More People Die
    Jason strikes again in this little satire... or does he?
  • Becky in the Black Forest the search for castle ruins in Heidelberg leads to something sweeter
  • A Fruity Saga the G.I. Joes pracice some new moves together (satire) Warning: PG13
  • Another Fruity Saga Cobra Commander has a devious plan to learn the Joes' secrets
    (satire) Warning: PG13
  • accompanying pic to the Fruity Sagas (taken from the Mad summer special issue)
  • French Videos check out my reviews of season 1 French TF episodes; nonfiction
    As always, I want comments! Send to phantom1313 at tfrid dot com.

    More stuff:

  • Convention Gallery
    Check out pics from previous Botcons and Trek conventions
  • Cute TF Gallery
    Artwork that caught my eye
  • A sketch of me
  • A pic of the elusive Phantom. Read her profile if you like.
  • Read all about the Autobot femme fatale, Crystal.
  • read Phantom's Little Black Book


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