I've always loved music, and have sung in Church & School choirs most of my life, but Instrumental Music is the most challenging! Violin, Guitar, Recorders and Piano are my 'forte'! Though principally trained in Church Music which includes anthems, gospels, spirituals and hymns, I also like classical, light jazz, light rock, soul, and even ethereal Irish music (like Clannad & Enya). I also play in a Church Orchestra, which is a lot of work, but also a lot of fun. Some have called me eclectic, but what do you expect from a Gallifreyan Time Lord who's lived for hundreds of years?!?


One day, the whole universe (even the Delta Quadrant) will speak Esperanto, and only warriors will speak Klingon! (My page, my opinion!)


Unu tago, la tuta universalo (ankau la Delta Quadrant) parolos Esperanton, kaj sola militanoj parolos Klingon!


I have a constant animal companion: Reina, terranus tabby-mixturus felinicus. She is a very good listener, and in realization of my Gallifreyan intelligence, rarely disagrees with me!

Cat Walking


My productive times of each workday, are spent on ensuring the health of planetary Ecosystems. I have in the past collaborated with the Environmental Protection Agency, to work on such planets as Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin, but my specialty Ecosystem is Missouri. Missouri is a very complex planet with a population that is not quite sure of how to care for their environment.("KITEO, HIS EYES CLOSED!") Thankfully, there are a few others who share my concerns, and we work together to bring health and sustainability to the ecosystem of this planet. ("SOKATH, HIS EYES UNCOVERED!") I will most likely continue to work with this system for the next 200 years or so (until my retirement).

I have also been working in cooperation with my Gallifreyan Cousin, Lady Joanatrice, on "A House That Ray Built"! It will be located in my favorite ecosystem, Central Missouri, and will have enough rooms and bedrooms for the Lady Joanatrice's Six-Pak and our Feline Friends "Master Thomas" & "Lady Reina"! Progress on "The House" was slow but steady. But now, it's finally done! Here are some pictorial records of its progress from start to finish.

Disclosure Notice: There is at least one serious bone in my body! Lady Romana is a child of God! When it is time to be serious, I turn to the Word of God for inspiration, knowledge, strength and of course, the assurance that I am loved. No matter what kind of mistakes I've made in my life, or how much I've sinned against God, He sees me through Christ Jesus who IS very acceptable to Him , and very much loved by Him; therefore, so am I! If you want to be acceptable to God, just tell Him! If you need help with this, write me!

Here are some of my Favorite Bible Verses. Check them out!

For those Terrans concerned with galactic beauty, please visit my resplendent cousin's webpage, the Lady LennetteFranchesca, keeper of all things exquisitely AVON and glorious!

AVON by Lady LennetteFranchesca

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