The Predator and The Aliens are some of the best species of aliens ever thought of.
The issue of who would win is a discusion that has been argued over for many years,
even though the Predator has great weapons the Aliens have instinct and the ability to pop
out of nowhere. Any one can win, it all depends on which side you argue. Anyways this page
explores the Predator's strengths and weakness's a long with his methods of attacks,
and the Aliens habitat and their means of hiding and attacking.

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Does anyone have any information on Predator 3, if so, speak it in the Dreambook. Also I have become an affiliate of BigStar online movie store. The Dreambook at the bottom of this page is going to become the forum, state your views and opinions on anything and everything. I want to stimulate discussion between the fans of Aliens and the Predators. Till next time. Happy Hunting.

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I want to give all the credit to all the
Alien and Predator fans out there. Thanks for making my page so popular.

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