Hiryu-Class Light Cruiser (CL)
TACtical SquadRON 33, Green Fleet

"Don't Give Up the Ship!"
--Captain James Lawrence, 1813

"Mission? We don't NEED no stinkin' mission!"
-- Lezley McDouall, 2000

In Memoriam: Masako Goto

Ship's Plaque for the first USS CHEAPEAKE (NCC-31813),
courtesy of Jason Bostjancic

This page provides basic information about the Federation starship USS CHESAPEAKE, the second starship of the name, commissioned on Stardate 131014 (14 October 2001) in Green Fleet's Tactical Squadron (TACRON) 33. This Hiryu-Class Light Cruiser is currently commanded by CAPT Elisabeth Romée. The CHESAPEAKE-A carries on the proud legacy of the original CHESAPEAKE, commissioned on Stardate 90211 (11 February 1997/2409), also in Green Fleet's Tactical Squadron (TACRON) 33.

The crew of the USS CHESAPEAKE has been awarded the Star Fleet Outstanding Unit Citation four times: April 1997, October, 1998, April 2000, and October 2001.

For more information about the CHESAPEAKE, please contact Takako Nagumo, who plays CAPT Elisabeth Romée , the CHESAPEAKE's Commanding Officer.

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