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Hi, and welcome to the Space Age Bachelor Pad! If this is your first time to the Pad, feel free to look around, comment, and sign my guestbook!

And if, by some chance, you don't know what a Dalek looks like, click here!

Here's a list of the current goodies:

  • The Photo Gallery, Volume I! UPDATED 4 January 2002
  • And, of course, The Photo Gallery, Volume II!
  • And would you believe, The Photo Gallery, Volume III?
  • My Poetry page!
  • My Articles page!
  • My Curriculum Vitae, just in case...
  • And, of course, the ever-popular Biopage!
  • Also, find out how to get a palm reading for free!

    And in the meantime, check out these oh-so-wonderful spots:

    The Doctor Who Homepage
    Or, for a slightly faster download, try Brad's Doctor Who bookmarks page
    Andrew Lawston's phenomenal Time Lords' 8-Bit Time Share Villa page! Highly recommended!
    Amazon.com, the best on-line bookstore in the world
    Check out the place where all this cool animation comes from!

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