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This page deals chiefly with fiction, both fan and original. My daughter has a section for her interests, and there is a page or two concerning commentary. I hope to add other things but this is to be a page dedicated to sheer entertainment.

Yeah, I know I have to think up a better name for my homepage.

Like Wonder Woman?

Reeve as Superman
My first post to the WWW. Its still here.

My daughter Megan's Page She likes Nanos

My ERB Fan Fiction and More
Tarzan shaped my life as a youngster. I read the Beasts of Tarzan in 3rd grade after being exposed to the ape-man through the Weismuller movies. In the back of my mind there will always be a standard of living based on the Lord of the Jungle.

Unfortunately ERB Inc. has placed a ban on Tarzan fan fiction. Don't even bother to go to the Tarzan section. The titles are listed as a powerless protest only.

Some Comics Fan Fiction and other Stuff
When I was a kid I reveled in the heroics of Marvel/DC comics. Reading them and adopting the ideals of such heros as the Mighty Thor, Spiderman and Superman kept me out of a lot of trouble. I'm glad I chose comics over other, less socially acceptable choices.

If you like jungle lords or noble cave men, I agree with you. Savage chieftains or primeval adventures are my escape from boredom. So begins my take on Kona, Monarch of the Monster Isle. And check out my take on K&K's Mighty Samson.

The Rawhide Kid was my favorite comic book western hero. I have a few stories of some of his exploits that never hit the stands.

Legends and Stories of the Germanic Gods
Germanic/Norse mythology has been dear to my heart. I try to understand my world by learning how the ancient Teutonics viewed their world. And I don't mind having a little fun with a few stories of my own.

Hyborian fan fiction
REH's world is filled with clean limbed barbarians. It is good to be one amid the restrictions of the civilized world.

But there can be only one Conan, written by the only man who was his master: Robert E Howard. My stories concern the Hyborian World of Conan's future. These are the tales of Boun, the Lord of Beasts.

Original Stuff
I started writing original stories for rec.arts.comics.creative. Its more interesting to create your own worlds and charactors. This is where I'm going to put any original stuff that will be presented on this web page.

Kregen Fan Fiction
Some fan fiction set in the world of Ken Bulmer's Kregen.

Added Stuff:
The Savage and the Green Man
Another Nu on Mars short

Untouchable Love
An erotic fantasy of love between Marvel Mutants.

The Best Man
A new adventure of Kona, Monarch of the Monster Isle.

Red Death
An adventure in the Mighty Marvel Western tradition featuring Marvel's Rawhide Kid.

Mighty Samson: Mutant Menace
This is a story about K&K's Mighty Samson, one of the original mutants of the 60's

ERB's Eternal Truth
This is my opinion of a central theme in the Eternal Savage.

The Bricklayer
This is a poem about bricklayers. It was written by, Rita Rock Lough, a wife of a bricklayer. I found it in my grandfather's things. He was a bricklayer, and I thought it sould be on the WWW.

A Brute in the Fold
This is an original superstory.

Zoo Lady
A new story set in the Brute Universe.

People of the Trail
A new installment in the Fray series. In this one Fray has a minor role.

In the Dumps
Continuing a new original superhuman series.

Isle of the Gash B'zee
New Tales of the Neocene.

Naza, Stone Age Warrior
Beginning a tribute to Dell's Stone Age Warrior: Naza.

Forest Woman
A new tale of Boun,

Tarzan the King
A way to think about Tarzan

Some thoughts on "Tarzan and the Ant Men

A Comanche on Kregen
new short story set on the world of Ken Bulmer's Kregen. Its called "The Coming of the Comanche"

More Kregen Fan Fiction
This one is called "The Woman", another story of a Comanche on Kregen

A new installment in the Comanche on Kregen series. This one is called "Teachers"

Circle of Men
A new short story of Boun, the Beast-Lord of Jhebbal Sag!

First Obi
The next story chapter in the saga of Cat Smiling, a Comanche on Kregen

Not Really a Slave
Beginning a new line of Kregan stories concerning the adventures of Tarks

A Keckle
A story of Tarks when he was young

The Traitorous Mound
Valcon searches for his lost Clan

Spirit Arrow
The Destiny of Cat Smiling


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