I have a few Lists based on Super Heroes/Villians from comics books, TV and movies. I will try to update once a quarter.

Here is a set of lists I've compiled, including a List of Marvel Mutants, Minority Supers, and more.
Last Updated 03-APR-2005. I'm way behind on the list, so none are up to date go to lists...

For more Lists check out
Book of Oa
DC Unoffical Silver Age Appearances [Link Lost]
DC Western Heroes
Galaxy Heroes, Inc. [Link Lost]
Gargoyle Character Guide [Link Lost]
Legion Outpost II
Mikel's Golden Age (and Other) Comics Page.
Mutatis Mutandis [Link Lost]
Second Stringers of Marvel Comics
Who's Who in Amalgam


Added section for Books and TV Shows I like: (Updated Incarnations series) Last Updated 02-SEP-2000 go to lists...

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