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What are my hobbies?check this out=====>computers(like fixing them),internet(building Web Pages),Downloading MP3's( like at that place, playing MUDS(MutiUserDomains) and games like StarCraft and MechWarrior2


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Unless you have not guessed this is a Star Trek page.



  • Star Trek: Continumn

  • Katie's Star Trek Webring

  • U.S.S Vailent

  • Star Trek Rules!

  • United Federation of Trek Sites

    The BORG Collective

  • Linda's Trek Site

  • Star Trek Voyager:Elite Force

  • Star Trek :Amrada

  • Voyager & Star Trek ring

  • Starfleet Federation Collective Database


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    The reason that I like Star Trek, is that I have always loved The huge starships and the really cool space battles.

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