Scully And 
Skinner:  Strong And Silent
Strong And Silent

The X Files

Scully Skinner Romance Page

Special Agent Dana Scully: Strong, virtuous, brilliant.
Assistant Director Walter Skinner: Silent, committed, principled.
Put them together and you have the most mature, adult couple never seen on TV. With her beauty and his quiet grace, they exemplify dignity, tenderness, forgiveness, commitment and love. Little wonder, then, we should honour them at this tribute page. Look around - you'll find fiction, poetry, graphics, eventually sound, and lots of love.

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Some Lovely Scully/Skinner Photos. Updated!


My Personal Selection Of S/S Fanfic. Updated!


A Scully/Skinner Shipper Timeline.


Some Love Poetry For The Soul.
Coming Soon!


Fun Things For The Scully/Skinner Shipper. Updated!


A Small Selection Of Sound Files.


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Last Altered: 27 July 1998

New pics, Virtual Marriage Certificate added

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