updated: 2/16/00

Given in recognition of excellence for fan fiction written and currently housed on MulderTorture Anonymous.

This is that most coveted of awards...ain't it purty?

1999 Winners HERE!
UPDATED 2/16/00

See 1998 Winners here.
UPDATED 2/1/99

Special Notice to AUTHORS:

Anything currently housed in MTA is eligible within the guidelines that will be ascribed later. If you do NOT want a particular story or stories or yourself entered for consideration,I would like to know. This will NOT reflect on any future postings to MTA,and will be accepted gracefully by ALL the collective. I personally would really appreciate it,if you do not want to be involved,you would not pull your stories from the archive.IMHO,this just hurts the general readership...and my ultimate goal is still to maintain the best MTA archive with the most comprehensive list of stories I can.

This symbol: next to a story means the author has declined its inclusion in this award. Their wishes will be gracefully met.

Until this is all over, I will be taking questions,comments and virtual godiva at

So far, there are stories vying for this award.

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