Realm Of Ferreticus

or,THOMAS MILLIORN 's website.

It's a line, isn't it!

Hi, I'm Thomas Milliorn,

In Geocities I am know as ferreticus.
On that is spelled FERRETICVS
(Proper Imperial Gothic, don't ya know!)

Be warned that Yahoo/Geocities BITES!

I'm "boogering" out of here as fast as possible
because between the 40+ "cookies" that I am forced to accept
while writing this and the new "ROOLZ" that they have imposed
I just can't see trying to display my artwork to the public
on this "forum of spittle."

Pages of mine that you may peruse:
To My Resume
To the Space Ferret's Page
To the Battletech Page
Links to My Freinds Web Pages

Visitors to this page since 7/1/98

Email me at
Unless you want to send me Junk E-mail, in which case.... =>:^[

By The Way....
My Latest Incarnation of my Website is at....


a line

Sorry that you had to go through all this crap.
And remember to set your internet browser to NEVER accept cookies!

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