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Main Page
PC & NPC stats, aftermaths
maps and background on Dyvers
links to other websites
spells & magic items
gaming rules and mechanisms
general Greyhawk information
adventure modules & hooks

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-- I'm Back! --

I know it took some waiting but I used the time to move and subsequently spent a fantastic long holiday in South America. The first things I will try to add to the site are more adventures (by popular demand). I will certainly try to update the site more regularly in the future.



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Main Page
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A round tower made from blackened and crumbling limestone bricks rises 70 feet into the air in the thieves' quarter of Dyvers; it's only visible entrance a marred, rune encrypted steel portal. The Midnight Tower has stood in Dyvers as long as people can remember. Those who enter the tower are said to never to return, although some people are seen exiting the tower from time to time. Such people often speak strange languages and wear strange clothes. More knowledgeable inhabitants of Dyvers claim that tower is some sort of gateway to other worlds, but none of them dares to enter the structure, which doors can only be opened at midnight.
- Excerpt from Dyvers, City of Sails
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The Midnight Tower is a website dedicated to material related to the World of Greyhawk by TSR. It contains rules, statistics and much background material that resulted from the many years I have played AD&D in this campaign world. I am still busy redesigned parts of it and adding content.

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The website has a number of different sections, represented by the buttons above and to the left. The contents of these sections are briefly summarized below:

Adventurer's Guild
tatistics and lore about PC's, NPC's and adventure aftermaths

Dyvers, City of Sails
aps, descriptions of buildings, laws and people of one of the greatest cities in the World of Greyhawk.

Fharlanghn's Roadsign
Links to other greyhawk-related sites, webrings etc.

Hall of Boccob
Spells and magical items

Lendor's Lore
Gaming rules and material (fumbles, spell points, poison etc.)

Spindle Of Istus
General information (deities, Ivid the Undying)

Trithereon's Quests
Free adventure modules

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I am a 28-year old student living in the city of Leiden in the Netherlands (aka Holland).  If you have any comments about this site or the information it contains, mail me at

Philip Niewold

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AD&D, Advanced Dungeon and Dragons, Greyhawk, World of Greyhawk, the Greyhawk logo and some other references are registered trademarks owned by TSR, Inc. The use of this copyrighted material is in no way meant as an infrigement on these rights. There are used here without prior permission.

Any original work presented here remains the intellectual ownership of  its author, all rights reserved.

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November 9, 1999 - Added Commanders of the Pomarj NPC stats

November 6, 1999 - Added GIF and Adobe PDF maps of Dyvers, also added RTF documents of that city.

October 31, 1999 - Added Hextor to deites

August 31, 1999 - Updated Lendor's Lore section (Rules)


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