Nightbird's Tree of Darkness

This isn't what you think (or maybe it is)
But here's a quick explanation
(that way if you don't want to stay
you don't have to)
A nightbird is a bird of the night and a tree at night is dark hence...
Tree of Darkness.
Get it?

See. I've added things and changed things. Even more will be added.

Always more. Over and over again.
Be nice and check it out.

You may have noticed (or maybe not) that there seems to be two sides to this tree. This side and the other. They don't cross paths very often (except for links, portfolio, and guest book), but if you want to see that other side
(which has to do with anime-Japanese animation if you didn't know)
check it here:

Idolsinger's Karaoke Club!

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I claim to own nothing that appears on my pages
except of course my drawings(which are copyrighted)in
My Portfolio of My Very Own
and the simple idea of putting this page together.
No, you don't need to ask to take anything
but a nice comment in my guestbook would be cool.
It doesn't hurt and cost nothing.

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