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Hi, my name is Sriram. This page is dedicated to all fans of science-fiction films, tv, and literature. This site contains many of my favorite Star Wars and Star Trek images/animated-gifs from the net, as well as a few of my own making, including some collages/wallpapers and banners like the one below. I usually add something every month, so come back every now and then.

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Use DHTML menu system to navigate the site (the floating 'window'). Click on the Minimize/Maximize/Close buttons to view and hide it. If it doesn't work for your browser, just follow the links below to enter the different galleries, and enjoy your stay.

Happy Surfing!
(P.S. Have any comments? Drop me a line.)

Star Trek Picture Gallery

Star Trek, the Next Gallery

Star Trek, Gallery III

Star Trek, Gallery IV

Star Trek Animated-Gifs

Holodeck 1 (video)

Vic's Fontaine's Place (music)

Star Wars Picture Gallery

Star Wars Gallery II

Star Wars Gallery III

Star Wars Gallery IV

Star Wars Animated-Gifs

The Mos Eisley Cantina (Music)

"Laugh it up Fuzzball" (humour)
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Star Trek & Star Wars Links

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This site uses STAR TREK Fonts. To see the pages as I do, download trekfonts.zip (350k - 16 TrueType fonts), and use a zip utility like WinZip to extract the files.

Windows users just need to copy the font files into their \Windows\Fonts\ folder (available through the Control Panel). I believe that it's pretty much the same for Macs, except that you will need a Mac utility that can open .ZIP files.

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