In 1995, Bob Weinstein, co-chairman of Miramax, bought Kevin Williamson's original Scream script along with a five-page outline for Scream 2 and a Scream 3. Williamson was so sure there would be an encore that he made it part of his initial deal for the original. "The sequel was planned before we sold the first one," he says. "Along with the script for Scream, I submitted a five-page treatment for Scream 2 and Scream 3. I was not being ballsy or overly confident. I was just suggesting that, if they bought this script, they would have a possible franchise on their hands."

Because of the huge success of Scream, it's not suprising they used Williamson's idea to create a sequel. Even before Scream 2 was released, Dimension Films was already in planning stages for a Scream 3. Wes Craven has expressed interest and is officialy signed on to the project. "It's certainly a fascinating thing to think of, as a filmmaker, to do a trilogy," says Craven. "There are very few filmmakers that have actually done it. To do it well would be quite an accomplishment." As for Williamson, he is currently in the process of opening the script and it should be scheduled to wind up on Weinstein's desk sometime in April '98, which would mean the film would be scheduled to be released in December '98. Why the rush? "Everybody's looking for something identical to Scream," says producer Cathy Konrad. "Because we have a brand name, we need to jump in and give the people more of what they want, as long as they continue to want it." But since Craven and Williamson are involved at other projects at this time, the film may be pushed back and be released sometime in 1999.

Don't count on the Scream franchise to live forever though. "I won't be a part of Scream 4, 5, or 6," says Williamson. "I'm done. Three stories and that's the end of it." Of course, if there's many to be made, Miramax might squeeze a few more out anyway. "If we ever did get to a Scream 4," Weinstein says, "it wouldn't happen for at least three years, and there'd be all new characters and a whole new conception.





New News on August 29th, 1998

I Just downloaded this picture from the official site of "Dimension Films". Take a look at it and e-mail me if u liked it.

New News on August 25th, 1998

Sci-Fi Entertainment conducted an interview with Kevin Williamson who confirmed that he's working on the script for Scream 3 now and said "The first two movies were about Neve(Sidney), I think that I should write about a different person for the last one, like Courteney Cox (Gale)".

New News on August 23rd, 1998

Let me just clear something up, the Ghost Mask in Scream 3 will not be red! Just because the image on my page is red, doesn't mean the mask will be red, thats just the way the image was made.

New News on August 20th, 1998

Craven gets cut? A hot rumour springing up latley is that Director Wes Craven will make a small cameo in Scream 3, and of course get a very brutal treatment by 'Father Death' very quickly. Also during a recent interview, Jamie Kennedy apparently slipped in a remark indicating he will be making a cameo in Scream 3, ala Matthew Lillard of Scream 2, though in what capacity is unknown (Randy died in S2 after all). Another rumor going around from a supposed Mirimax employee is that a different Father Death costume will be used in Stab 2, the movie within the movie in Scream 3. To see a picture of the comparison, Click Here, the one on the left is the Stab 2 one, and the one on the right is the one we all know and love and is the one they will be using in Scream 3.

New News on August 16th, 1998

I did a little web surfing on Scream 3 and found some confirmation on the Neve casting as Sidney debate. Neve, in her own words, states she will most likley not be in Scream 3. To read the interview Click Here! BTW, Sidney is spelled with an I, not with a Y. Just thought I might let you less educated Scream fans know.

New News on August 14th, 1998

News Update From Dark Horizons: Scream 3: Screenwriter Kevin Williamson was interviewed by the folks at, and he revealed some details about the third and believed last film in the series. Firstly he's aiming to have the script complete next April for the film's intended release in December 1999. Asked if Neve Campbell were going to return, he replied "Well, I guess she needs to wait to see if she has a character. If she doesn't want to be in it, then we'll write it without her. The good thing about SCREAM 3 is I've got three plans. There's the Sid version, the Sid-less version, and....the bottom line is the story itself doesn't rely so much on her character". The 'third version' he brings up again, saying "It's not so much about Sidney anymore. It's about the world that was created with "Stab." The story itself thematically works, regardless of who is in it" Stay tuned to my Webpage of Rumors on Scream 3 for more updates soon!

New news on July 5th, 1998

Today I added some new images, cool ones at that. The one on the right is a Newspaper clipping. I also just got some new news concerning Neve Campbell from another source. Neve was on an Australian TV show of some kind, and she stated that she would not be in Scream 3. Some of us suspected, but weren't sure. Now its confirmed. She could be just throwing us off, but only time will tell.

New news on July 1st, 1998

Apparently Wes Craven has said he will direct and Kevin Williamson is going to write. Also our fear of Kevin not bringing Dewey back has vanashed because David Arquette and Courtney Cox have signed on for the final chapter of the Scream trilogy. Liev Schrieber (Cotton Weary) and Duane Martin (Joel the cameraman) have also been signed. Neve Campbell has yet to sign, which seems very strange to me. How can ya have Scream 3 without Sid??? It is rumored that she said that she wants to look towards other films this summer, this means that Dimension Films may offer Campbell 13 million dollors or they will have to prolong the filming of Scream 3...

There is a plot point already out."The film begins with a very familiar young actor sitting down watching a horror movie at home. The power goes out (because of a storm). We cut to the bushes outside moving in the wind. (The house is by a lake) We see the guy inside through the window. He found's a flashlight and goes to call the power company. Then, he hears a footstep behind him. He turns around. He jumps. 'Man, what the hell - ", a knife stabs him. 'Cut!' shouts a new voice. We then see thta a movie is being filmed. However, the actor does not move. He really has been killed. A very familiar young actress, realizing the fact that the actor is dead, screams." CUT TO - TITLE 'Scream 3''

Also there is said to be Stab 2 in this film, and apparently it is written by Cotton Weary. Also there is a rumor that filming will begin in March, and that there will be alot of characters with names based on classic horror flics. Such as Michael, Jason, Freddy etc. It is said that Freddy is Billy Loomis' brother.

There are a few tag lines that might be used in the movie, they are as follows: "Someone's taken the meaning 'legal thriller' one step too far" "Someone's taken their love of trilogies one step too far" "Solving this case is going to be murder"

New news on April 18th, 1998

In a rescent interview with Kevin Williamson, creator of Scream, he gives us some info about the production of Scream 3. Williamson said "My days consist of ringing phones. It never ends. I'm finishing up the Rodriguez script this month. Then in January, we're in pre-production for Tingle. We'll shoot that in March and April and edit in May. Then in June, I'll start writing Scream 3."
Also there is some news about who the 'opening victom' may be in Scream 3. In a New England restaraunt Matt Damon (Good Will Hunting) was sitting a table with no other than Wes Craven. So it looks like Matt may be the man they want for the next opening death.
There are also some rumors that much of the cast from WB's Dawson's Creek will appear in the triology to Scream.

New news on April 13th, 1998

Jennifer Connelly (Dark City, Higher Learning) has been rumored to be the female victim in the beginning of Scream 3. Meanwhile the rumors about a certain cast member being in a wheelchair are apparently not true.

New news on March 24th, 1998

The Scream 3 possible poltline my be set after leaving college, Sidney goes to Hollywood to become an actress. Her first role is in a cheesy horror movie, and the cast are soon being killed off one-by-one.

Neve Campbell talked to The Boston Globe and revealed that she still hasn't signed on for the third entry in the Scream series. Despite being offered ten times what she has ever made before, she still hasn't given them an answer yet. She cites her schedule as part of the problem as well as her reluctance at being typecast. So, we haven't heard a definite no yet-its still a maybe, keep your fingers crossed!

New news on February 26th, 1998

Kevin Williamson has said that he will be working on his first attempt at directing, Killing Mrs. Tingle in April and May this year. Which in return he said that since he will be working on that he will work on the Scream 3 script in June 98' and hopefully finish it by the end of the summer, so Wes Craven can begin shooting the film in April 1999. Scream 3's new expected release date will be Fall/Winter 99'.

New news on January 25th, 1998

Apparently, Dimension Films is doing everything they can to get Scream 3 out by Christmas '98. But it is most likely that it won't be out until 1999 due to Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson's involvements in other projects.

The film is rumored to open with Alicia Silverstone portraying Cici in Sidney's version of what happened at Windsor College.

Rumors about Fauriza Balk (Nancy in The Craft which also stars Neve) being in the film may have been said that they aren't true by a person who claimed to work for the company who made the films. If its true-they may not have signed her on because Fauriza and Neve do not get along.

Wes Craven confirmed that Courteney Cox will definitely return to play the infoumous Gale Weathers, but David Arquette may not.

Other casting news is that Kevin Williamson was actually looking at one of the members from the cast of The Craft that which wasn't Fauriza Balk, but Rachel True (Rachel -the african american chick=) who is Neve's best friend. Another person who may be asked to be in the film is up-and-coming actor Ben Affleck [who is now in Phantoms with Scream stars Rose McGowan (Tatum Riley) and Liev Schrieber (Cotton Weary)]. The Miramax source also said they are looking at the entire remaining cast of Sarah Michelle Gellar's (Cici in Scream 2) Buffy The Vampire Slayer as possibilities - David Boreanaz (Angel) and Charisma Carpenter (Cordelia Chase) in particular.

Scream 3 makers have also been looking at some other not-so-well known up coming actors to portray roles in the film also. A few people they've been looking at are: Claudia Chapel (upcoming film Armageddon and Six Days, Seven Nights), Mark Vaughan (upcoming Species 2, The Boxer), Leslie Montgomery (upcoming film The Real Blonde), and Jacob King. Most likely, there will be a good mix of well-known and up-and-comers.

New news on January 13th, 1998

Time Magazine reports that Neve Campbell recently turned down an offer to star in Scream 3. Apparently Campbell was considering the Miramax film, Rounders, but was only offered the role, as long as she committed to working on Scream 3, plus $3 million to star in the sequel. Campbell was apparently offended at the strings attached in the offer and refused. Scream director Wes Craven has said that he won't direct the third entry in the series if Campbell doesn't return. This is a blow to all Scream fans because Neve Campbell and Wes Craven ARE the Scream franchise-and it wont be the same with out them.

Wes Craven has confirmed that Matthew Lillard WILL NOT appear in Scream 3 as Stuart's twin brother. Also, since Wes Craven is working on a movie with Madonna and Kevin Williamson working on his new TV series Dawson's Creek, it is very likely that Scream 3 will have a 1999 release date instead of 1998.

Older News

There has been unconfirmed speculation that Wes Craven may not direct the third
film, but rather hand the film over to writer Kevin Williamson.

When Wes Craven did a radio show in Los Angeles, he actually spilled some things about Scream 3! He mentioned the idea they are throwing around has Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) dropping out of college and going to Hollywood to become an actress. Wes also said that they are thinking about waiting a year to even think about filming it because Kevin Williamson is busy with his WB television show, Dawson's Creek, and Craven himself is doing a project with Madonna. And they want their full attentions when they go into the process of Scream 3. So this means That we may not get it till 1999. But hopefully Dimension as stated "They'll have us Screaming till the next century".

Matthew Lilliard (Stu from the first Scream) is set to return in the third installment. At the
wrap party for the picture Dead Man's Curve in Baltimore, he let it slip that he would be
returning for the third Scream movie as Stu's 'twin brother'. This would indicate that at least the
story outline is fairly solid and ready to advance ahead soon. Neve Campbell has stated in so many words that she doesn't want to be known as the next Scream Queen (sorry hunny-you basically already are) and she wants to challenge herself in acting more. She doesn't want people to think Sidney and Julia are the only characters she can play. So-will Sidney be back for Scream 3? There's no telling at this point.

Courtney Cox has said though that she might in fact do a Scream 3 if her character survived (this was during an interview when she couldn't say much about the movie) Scream 2. So Gale weathers might just be in Scream 3!

Don't count on the Scream franchise to live forever though. "I won't be a part of Scream 4, 5, or 6," says Williamson. "I'm done. Three stories and that's the end of it." Of course, if there's many to be made, Miramax might squeeze a few more out anyway. "If we ever did get to a Scream 4," Weinstein says, "it wouldn't happen for at least three years, and there'd be all new characters and a whole new conception. Right now, though, we all see the franchise ending at three."

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