Someone's Taken Their Love Of Sequels One Step Too Far!

In Scream 2, set for a January 9th release, Sarah plays the role of Helen, Sidney's sorority sister and college roomate.

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The Premise:
Scream 2: The Sequel takes place a few years after the first Scream movie. Sidney (still being played by Neve Campbell) has now graduated from high school and is going to college. Gale Weathers (played by Courtney Cox), has cashed in on her first hand witness to the murders at Woodsboro by writting a number one best seller entitled Stab. Stab is so enormously popular that it is being made into a movie. Randy, has also graduated and is now the new camera man for Gale Weathers.

STAB, the Movie:
Remember the line "With, my luck I'll probably get Tori Spelling to play me." ? Well, Wes decided to act upon that line and got Tori to play Sidney in Stab. Another interesting fact that has yet to be proven is that apparently every time Skeet Ulrich's name appears in the script, so does Jonny Depp. Maybe Jonny will play Billy in Stab? Makes sense since they look so much alike.
Dewy Riley will also be back, but no longer a deputy in Woodsboro. He now is a security guard at the college that Sidney will be attending. Sources say Dewy gets beat up pretty bad and will be carried out on a stretcher somewhere in the movie.

It's Begun...Again!
Now that's the back bone of the plot. From there on, things are alittle sketchy. Apparently, Wes wants to keep the rest a secret (and has done a great job so far) so alot of what follows is rumors.
So far, everything is going good for Sidney at her college. She's got a new boyfriend who is played by Jerry O'Connell (from Sliders). She's even got a new best friend, Helen, who is played by Sarah Michelle Gellar.

From what I've found out one of two plots twists can come about from here. One: a copycat killer is on the loose and starts to simulate the old Woodsboro murders or two: there was an invisible third killer in the first Scream that didn't die in the final scene and still has some kind of vendeta to revenge upon. (Remember, we saw Billy and Stu bite the big one, but we never saw even one of them as Mr.Ghostface) For more info on the Third Killer Theory check out The Theory Link.

A Few Plot Notes :

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