Welcome to a very small portion of the Scream 2 site titled Stab. Yep, you guessed it...based on the fictitious book written by the fictitious Gale Weathers. Based around the events in the first Scream, Stab was cleverly written into Scream 2's script by Kevin Williamson for humor. It clearly pokes fun at the original Scream, and keeps you up to date on what happened, just in case you forgot. This site is very small, so please be patient as it grows over time.

The Stab Characters: 

Tori Spelling plays Sidney Prescott in Stab. Director Wes Craven and writer Kevin Williamson threw in a joke in the original Scream about who would play Sidney in a movie about the events that where going on. Sidney pipes up: "With my luck, I'd get Tori Spelling." Ironic huh? I wonder who thought of that?

Luke Wilson plays the role of Billy Loomis. There never was any in-jokes about him, so he was probablly picked because he looks alot like actor Skeet Ulrich. I don't know about you, but I think he looks like David Arquette without a moustache.

Heather Graham portrays young Casey Becker, the girl who was butchered in the opening scene of Scream. Wes Craven says they wanted a good actress who was capable of being a bad actress, to further poke fun at the first Scream, so they picked Heather, who can be seen in Boogie Nights and Liscense To Drive.

Characters mentioned but not shown: Joe Blow Nobody from Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman and David Schwimmer from Friends. 


Jada Pinkett plays Maureen Evans, a real rude, racist bitch who attends Stab with her boyfriend. She thinks she knows it all about horror films, but boy is she wrong. Before the movie is over with, Maureen won't be nothing but a memory.

Omar Epps plays Phil Stevens, the boyfriend to Maureen. Phil got the tickets for free and is excited about seeing the movie. Unfortuanately, Mr. Ghostface isn't gonna let him finish watching the rest of the film.

Hear what Maureen had to say about "Casey Becker's Ignorance" on screen.

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