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The heart and soul of this page. Organized by episodes, details such as phone numbers, license plates, etc.Episode Details

No boring stuff! Just the facts and TONS OF PICTURES!Character Dossiers another form: stats.Stats Attack!

How is the X-Files similar to Star Wars?Star Wars Elements

Record your dreams here--you just have to name it after an X-Files episode.DreamXLog

Give your favorite (and not so favorite) agents nicknames!XNicknames

All the images here have at least one gun!Fun with Guns

Your guide to character clones on the web!The Clone Lab

Adopt your own Krycek Klone today. Includes maintainance with every order.Krycek Klone Factory

Straight from Pendrell's heart, written to Scully. Okay, they're really by me, written for all of you.Pendrell Love Poems

Please help us remember Clyde Bruckman.The Tulip Garden

Are you a noromo? Then join us!Bee Squad Base 4

Noromo? Web site? Get your site declared noromo-friendly today!The Noromo-Declaration

The kinda-monthly award your X-Files site can win.G-Team's X-Award

Poetry-inclined? Get your degree today at XFU.XFU Dept. of Poetry

Submit your X-Files page here for all to visit.Free XLinks

Tools for your website...and awards you can steal and win.X-Tools and Awards

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