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So about me, my name is Vanessa Gray. Vanessa means Butterfly in Greek (probably ancient) and on the otherside of the pic is the coat of arms for the Gray family from Scotland. I was born August 27th, 1974 (29 yrs old), making me a Virgo and a wood Tiger.

Want to see my charts? See if they are right about my personality. Yes I do, do astrology, besides numerology, Tarot and many other interesting things, even though I'm a catholic in my faith. At the moment here is my pray page that I will hopeful expand for more on the religion. No I won't be pushing the "Faith" on to you it's for your own interest. Soon I will have a page on my views on some of the topics I believe strongly in, at the moment here is a list of some of my favourite sayings.

I live in Victoria Point in the Redlands or vist the council homepage. Which is near the capital of Queensland, Brisbane in Australia. Beautiful one day perfect the next is the state slogan. The maps above should help you out somewhat in finding my general geographical position. Here are a few pictures I took out of the local area.

I love to read, my favourite authors are Robin Cook, Mary Higgins Clark among many other sundry of books I have read or own. I also like reading fan-fiction stories from my favourite shows. I also like writing fan-fiction and original stories. Here is my page of some of my work.

As you probably could have guessed I love to watch Television. My favourite shows are Stargate SG-1, X-Files, Millennium, Pretender, Water Rats among many others here is the full list with links to pages on those shows. I am currently the web mistress of the Australian Stargate Homepage

I love playing the flute and electric organ. I also know a how to play a few songs on the clarinet, saxophone and drums. I also use to play the recorder, which help with the flute. I also like listening to classical music as well as songs by Bryan Adams, the Corrs, Back Street Boys and Spice Girls. Yes I do listen to other people as well.

My favourite actors are Michael Shanks, Charlie Sheen and Jodie Foster among many others.

Where was I so you want to know some facts about me let's see.. Go here just for the Facts. But basically you've seen the pic so you know I have brown hair, and brown eyes. (Yea I had to use that scary pic from my school ID on the page) Well sis told me that I'm 5'6" (yea just taller than Scully in her heals) my Learners say I'm 170cms, though according to a height/weight machine I'm 172cm. WOW I grew 2cm in the last two years. Oh yea I also have a bro as well as Mum and Dad.

I am very interested in new e-mail penpals.

Still Under construction. People give me sometime to get those links up. So yes one or two of the links don't work. I'm kind of busy taking photos of the local area.

Please sign the guestbooks otherwise how am I to know what changes I should. What you like about the page or what you don't. Besides I'm curious to see who's looking at my info. :P

The first one is my geocities and the old one on this page the one under homer is my new one that is going to be on most of the pages I will be working on.

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