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Hi, I'm Jonathan. I play a character named Jason Bourne, (Yes, after the Ludlum fellow) on a MUSH called Star Wars: Minos Cluster. Please excuse the rather ... brief nature of this page, as well, it's quite new. So far, about people have visited this page. Of course, since I've been working on it, this is probably as accurate as your typical action movie thug. After a few drinks. And wearing a blindfold.

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Star Wars: Minos Cluster
Star Wars RPG stuff
Spaceballs RPG Supplement
Stuff about me
Stuff about Bourne
Wacky quotes and jokes

People I've met
A log of some .. er ... 'RP'
Computer Help
The person who wanted me to put up the ski link has changed her mind. It's now a computer help line. Or rather, she wants to change the link, not the ski place became a computer help line.

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